How to Create a Player in MLB The Show 21

With MLB The Show 21, since players are already available to people who have pre-ordered any of the Collector’s Editions, they have already started playing around with the Create a Player feature that lets you create and customize your own personalized athlete and add them to the Variety of modes of the game can move. To take a look at how you can actually do this read below as we are reviewing this feature and then how you can add this player to your own team.

MLB The Show 21 “Create a Player” tab and see how you can add your own player into your team. Here is the full guide below.

How to create a player in MLB The Show 21 (GUIDE)

After accessing the MLB The Show 21 main menu in the top right corner of the screen you should see the “Create” option. When you click this tab, the rest of the Create sub-options will appear, including Roster Control. Press that button and a new list will appear, where “Create a Player” is what you are looking for. Click that and you will get exactly where you need to be to create your own unique athlete.

Many different parameters and statistics can be changed and adjusted. So when you are done with the multitude of options on offer, including the look and feel of your player, you need to hit the “Finish” button which is different for each platform. For example, on PS4 and PS5, this is the Set / Pause button. This will save your character and prepare them to join your various teams and modes. The game immediately asks you whether you want to either put it in the free-agent pool or export it. Select it accordingly.

How to add created player to a team

After your character has been customized using the “Create Player” function, he can join one of your teams. Go to the Roster Control menu and from there select the team you’d like to put him on. Select the Player Movement prompt and the created athlete will be moved from the free agent pool to the new team. You’ll need to replace another player with this one, so choose wisely. Exit this menu and accept / confirm the changes you have made. Simply save your roster with the “Save roster” button and you’re done. Your new player is ready to make his debut on the newly selected team.

How do you add a CREATED PLAYER to MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode

  • Create a player.
  • Free agent pool and export player
  • Load the roster you want
  • Find a player to replace on the team you want to play for. I’d use the worst player
  • Click on them and do import player
  • Exit that to the menu and go to save in data utility and save the roster
  • Load that roster in Franchise and there you go