Dead Cells – Updated to Be Fully Ready for PS4 and Xbox One Controllers

Motion Twin announced some time ago a critically acclaimed Dead Cells iOS port ($ 7.99) and finally brought it to the App Store as a suitable premium port created for mobile devices.

The port was made by lovely people in Playdigious and after an initial delay, it finally arrived and is a very good port as expected from Playdigious. Today, update 1.05 has arrived and brings iOS 13 support to the game. Watch the Dead Cells trailer below:

Dead Cells is one of the best rated indie games in recent years and I finally got into it through the mobile port. I already played more on iPhone than on PC and Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t played it before or want to know what the iOS port is like, read our review here. We present it as our Game of the week also when it was launched.

Today’s update corrects some UI problems on the iPhone X with respect to the launch bar and provides support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers on iOS 13 devices. Now you can buy it in the App Store if you did not and was waiting for support for iOS 13. Dead Cells costs $ 24.99 on other platforms, so this is a good discount