Destiny 2 Challenges list: How to Win D2 Challenges

If you’re searching for a Destiny 2 Challenges List in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In Destiny 2, Milestones are now referred to as Challenges. These Challenges encompass daily and weekly tasks or activities offered by various sources, and they reward you with Powerful Gear upon completion. The harder the challenge, the greater the reward. Virtually every activity imaginable features a Challenge, including Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and specific planets.

Destiny 2 Challenges list

let’s delve into the Destiny 2 Challenges list and how to conquer them all.

Crucible Challenges

Crucible represents one of the most straightforward Challenges in Destiny 2. It serves as a Global Quest and operates as a Daily Milestone. When it appears as a Daily Quest, you can complete it once per character. To undertake the Crucible Challenge, you need to complete The Red War Story Quest and Challenges (Quest). Fulfill three challenges within the Crucible, then speak to Shaxx to claim your reward, which includes 10x Crucible Tokens.

Vanguard Challenges

Vanguard Challenges pertain to Strikes and Nightfalls, offering higher Power items as rewards. Strikes are the easiest to accomplish – you only need to complete three Strikes in the rotating playlist while matching their Singe element. Nightfalls, on the other hand, require you to complete five of the easiest Nightfalls to obtain Powerful Gear.

Gambit Challenges

Introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, Gambit represents a PvEvP mode where two teams of four players gather Motes from defeated enemies. One player from the opposing team tries to disrupt your Mote collection. Compared to other matchmade playlist modes in Destiny 2, Gambit demands more coordination, gear, and patience.

Flashpoint Challenges

Flashpoint Challenges provide an avenue for acquiring powerful gear, such as high-level loot and weekly rewards, by completing easy activities in selected areas. You don’t need to complete the main story to unlock Flashpoints; just reach level 15 and complete the Fury Quest from the main story. Each week, a planet is selected as the weekly Flashpoint.

Moon Challenges

Moon Challenges take place on the Moon and offer various completion opportunities. Nightmare Hunts yield Powerful Gear, while the highest tier grants Pinnacle rewards. You can also undertake a short quest for Eris Morn every week to earn more Powerful Gear. It’s advisable to pick up a few Bounties before completing her weekly quest to maximize experience and rewards.

Seasonal Challenges

Destiny 2 has transitioned to a quarterly seasonal model in recent years. Regardless of your seasonal position, you can still earn Powerful rewards. Since the challenges change from season to season, specific details are subject to change. However, most seasons adhere to a similar model.

Pinnacle Challenges

After completing all Powerful Gear Challenges and reaching the soft Power cap, you can further enhance your Power level by completing Pinnacle Challenges. Pinnacle Rewards go 10 levels above the soft cap for the current season. These challenges encompass activities such as the Garden of Salvation Raid, Master Nightmare Hunts, Trials of Osiris, and Master to Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Tower Vendor Challenges

Nearly every vendor in The Tower offers a Challenge. While all vendors may have challenges for you, some do not reward Powerful Gear, so you can opt to skip them. In The Tower, you’ll find challenges from vendors like Zavala (Complete Vanguard bounties), Shaxx (Complete Crucible bounties), Banshee-44 (Complete Gunsmith bounties), Hawthorne (Complete clan bounties and earn clan XP), and The Drifter (Complete Gambit bounties).

How to Win D2 Challenges

To tackle Destiny 2 Challenges, you don’t need to physically visit each planet’s respective NPC. Challenges will appear on the right side of your screen when you spawn in daily, provided your Ghost is out. Completing these challenges early in your playtime can expedite the leveling up of a planet’s vendor and net you valuable rewards.

To complete Challenges, perform the tasks assigned by the vendors, ranging from defeating a specific number of enemies to participating in public events or completing Lost Sectors in specific map areas. Completing various Challenges earns you planet-specific Tokens, which you can use to level up vendors and receive Legendary items.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Destint 2 Challenges:

Q: How do you get challenges accepted in Destiny 2?

A: Challenges in Destiny 2 are automatically accepted when you fulfill the requirements for them. You’ll find these challenges listed in your game interface, and they cover various in-game activities, each with its own set of objectives.

Q: How do you unlock weekly challenges in D2?

A: Weekly challenges in Destiny 2 are often tied to specific activities or events that reset on a weekly basis. Simply participate in these activities or events, and you’ll automatically unlock and be able to complete the corresponding weekly challenges.

Q: What is a weekly vendor challenge?

A: Weekly vendor challenges are tasks or objectives provided by vendors in Destiny 2. These challenges can vary from defeating enemies, completing bounties, or participating in specific activities. Completing these challenges often rewards you with various in-game items and reputation with the vendor.

Q: Where are vendor challenges in Destiny 2?

A: Vendors offering challenges can typically be found in various locations across the game world, such as the Tower or planetary destinations. They provide tasks that you can complete for rewards.

Q: How do I reach rank 6 for vendor challenges in Destiny 2?

A: Reaching rank 6 with a vendor in Destiny 2 usually involves completing numerous bounties, challenges, and activities associated with that vendor. As you gain reputation and complete their tasks, you’ll progress through the ranks and unlock better rewards.

Q: Why are my Destiny 2 weekly challenges not showing up?

A: If your weekly challenges are not showing up, it could be due to various reasons, such as a glitch in the game or not meeting the requirements for the specific challenges. Make sure you’re playing the appropriate activities and that there are no known server issues affecting challenges.

Q: How do I get vendor challenges in Destiny 2?

A: To get vendor challenges in Destiny 2, you need to visit various vendors across the game world, pick up their available challenges, and complete the tasks they assign. These challenges are a great way to earn rewards and reputation with the vendors.

Q: What are competitive weekly challenges in Destiny 2?

A: Competitive weekly challenges in Destiny 2 often involve activities related to competitive multiplayer modes, such as Crucible or Gambit. These challenges may require you to achieve specific goals or perform well in competitive matches to earn rewards.

With this Destiny 2 comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to conquer Destiny 2 Challenges and become a formidable Guardian in 2023. Dive back into the world of Destiny 2, complete your Solstice of Heroes armor, and conquer those weekly challenges. Destiny 2 awaits you, Guardian! Share any additional Destiny 2 Challenges insights with us in the comments below!