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Destiny 2: Fully automatic rocket launcher – Try this

In Destiny 2 , rocket launchers have been reloading for a long time since Shadowkeep. We have build ideas for you that you can use to fire non-stop.

Why can not you keep firing? For a long time, rocket launchers in Destiny 2 were considered one of the strongest power weapons. Even Raid bosses melted away under the bombardment.

One of the few disadvantages of rocket launchers is the very small magazine (often only 1 shot) and a very slow reload time. With Shadowkeep also the automatic reloading has been pushed a bar . Thanks to autoreload mechanics, this weakness could be easily undone earlier, but that was the end of Shadowkeep. Until now.

What can this new build do? The presented setup lets you fire rockets in quick succession, without a long reload time. You counter the quasi-changes introduced in Destiny 2 since Shadowkeep.

You need that for the build

Which perks do I need? 

A central role in the presented setup plays the Perk, Demoliter ‘(narrow Demolitionist). Thanks to this ability, your weapon will be reloaded every time you throw a grenade. In addition, you get energy for your grenades for kills with the demolisher weapon.

Very few rocket launchers in Destiny 2 have the ability to demolish. One of the rare weapons with this perk is , heretics . The rocket launcher can be reliably grabbed by the lunar activity ‘ Altars of Sorrow’ .

These exo armor are needed: the sustained fire can be accomplished using different exotic armor. The gameplay changes a bit, depending on which exo armor is worn. You have these three alternatives:

  • Sun Bracers (Sunbracers)
  • Starfire Protocol (eng. Starfire Protocol)
  • Healing Armor ( Narrow Armamentarium)

Continuous fire without reloading

This is how you play the Build with Sun Bracers: Warlocks use the Exotic Gloves ‘Sun Bracers’. These empower you to throw solar grenades for a time without ceasing after a solar melee kill.

With every grenade launcher, your rocket launcher instantly charges thanks to ‘demolition’. The process looks like this:

  • Solar melee kill,
  • Fire rocket,
  • Throw grenade,
  • fire another rocket
  • and throw a grenade again.

Over the duration of a few seconds you have shot your complete rocket reserves empty. The solar grenades themselves cause massive damage (60,000) and your DPS (damage per second) is about 46,700 with this combo.

Remember that the dot (damage over time) can not be stacked by the solar grenades. Several shells do no more damage to a target than a single one. Only the impact damage counts per grenade (5,500).

This is how you play the build with Starfire Protocol: Warlocks use alternatively the exotic breastplate, Starfire Protocol ‘. Robe gives you two Fusion Grenades. Your Fusion Grenades will quickly recharge in a well or damage rift when dealing weapon damage.

In practice this looks like this:

  • You put a rift,
  • shoots the rocket launcher,
  • Throw a fusion grenade
  • and here comes the next rocket.

Thanks to constant weapon damage, you should have a new Fusion Grenade after each missile strike. So you burn in a very short time by the rocket launcher ammunition.

The combination of fusion grenade plus rocket launcher comes to about 48,500 DPS. A Fusion Grenade deals about 20.00 damage. Unlike the previous build, no melee kill or the like is needed.

So you play the build with the healing armor: Even titans can benefit from rocket launcher with ‘demolisher’. Thanks to the Healing Armor, you receive two grenades. It does not matter which sub-class or grenade you choose.

But we recommend a void tree with a magnetic grenade. The Void Grenade currently benefits from the Seasonal Artifact . The Darkening mod modifies enemies with 30% bonus damage after a grenade hit.

You fire a rocket, throw a grenade and repeat the whole thing. Unlike Warlock, you can only fire three missiles. The Titan has no way with this combination to regenerate grenade energy.

Thanks to the debuff, however, this method brings you a whopping 70,600 DPS. Since you can not fire all the Rakt reserves, it is recommended to use the procedure for Burst-Damge (a lot of damage in a short moment).

Eroahr shows in this YouTube video the fully automatic rocket build in action.

The game Destiny 2 Update is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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