Destiny 2: How To Get It New Weapon Exotic Heir Appearance

Destiny 2: How To Get It New Weapon Exotic Heir Appearance

Destiny 2, you can get a new exotic during the competition event. We show you which triumphs of the Guardian games are best suited for this.

So you earn you the Exotic: With Destiny 2, the guardian games event has started. Warlocks, titans and hunters compete against each other and want to decide which class has the edge. Regardless of level, you can also fight for the new Exotic Heir Apparition (Eng. Heir Apparent) during the event.

The exotic reward is hidden behind a mini-quest and some triumphs that need to be cracked. First, visit Eva Levante in the tower to start the hunt.

During the quest “Guardian Games Registration” you have to wait for a few NPCs in the tower and even get your first gold medal in competition – the whole thing only takes a few minutes. Then you can start with the next step: complete event triumphs.

The exotic quest “On the laurels, ready, go!” Has no connection with heir appearance, it rewards you with the exo-spirit envelopes of the event.

Complete triumph top class and class performance

What triumph is needed? In order to get the new exotic into your hands, Eva Levante requires you to master the triumph “class performance”.

Anyone who is now amazed to find that this task cannot be found in the triumphs tab of the game can be reassured. Because there apparently a small mistake crept in during translation, what is actually meant is the triumph “top class”. In English, both are called “Class Act”.

Regardless of the name, the task to be accomplished is identical: you have to complete 7 event triumphs in the Keeper games, only then will Eva bring out the exotic.

You should tackle these 7 triumphs in the Guardian games

You need to know about event triumphs: If you take a look at the Triumph tab, you will find a list of all possible triumphs that you can tackle during the 2020 Guardian Games under “Seasonal” and then under “Events”. If you do not count the triumph “top class”, there are 11 tasks.

We’ll tell you which of these you should ideally address in order to be able to name your own heir as soon as possible. If you are in no hurry and regularly take part in the event, you will unlock the power weapon within 3 weeks.

Two important tips:

  • Be sure to equip your event class sign. Since many of the medals, raids and triumphs required cannot otherwise be effectively tackled. You will receive a corresponding item from Zavala free of charge.
  • It currently looks difficult as if you could only unlock the exotic for a reset on Thursday (April 30th) and then only if you are already diligent.

7 quick triumphs in the 2020 Guardian games:

  • Embrace the Light: Get 25 Super Kills in the Rumble Playlist – Some Guardians will immediately consider this triumph to be complete if they complete the task during the 2019 revelation
  • Embodiment: Defeat enemies with skills in vanguard strikes and the twilight – This triumph is also automatically ticked off with some guardians
  • Famous: Collect laurels (grenade kills, melee skills, super) – laurels created by other guardian classes earn you 1 point – kills from your own class 3
  • Great deeds: collect laurels in gambit matches, strikes, smithing and destinations (e.g. patrol area)
  • Show Your Colors: Earn points through Guardian Player raids

You can theoretically complete these 5 triumphs in one day, the last of which requires some grind. In addition, you should start tackling these two raids now and in all likelihood end the reset on April 24th:

  • Gold medal winner: Redeem 30 gold medals – you get one free per character and can earn 3 every day
  • Five times the threat: Redeem one gold medal for each of the crucibles, gambit, strikes, destinations and forges – Daily rotate the game areas (currently, on April 22nd, strike and crucible are active)

According to Destiny expert Aztecross ( via YouTube ), these 7 triumphs are significantly faster than the competition. He recommends tackling several tasks in parallel and adapting them to the daily rotation if possible.

The reward for the effort: The Exotic Heir Appearance

That is in the new Exotic MG: Even before the start of the Guardian games, rumors about a heavy Kabal MG made the rounds . As it turns out now, it is the Exotic Heir Apparition. We take a look at the new power weapon.

Heir appearance is equipped in the power slot and belongs to the machine guns. It has the fastest rate of fire of the genus (900), the largest magazine of all machine guns (115 rounds) and deals solar damage. The target help, which is a strong 90/100, and the very good handling of a MG of 70/100 are convincing from the status values.

These are the unique, exotic perks:

  • Heavy bullet launcher: This weapon can only be fired when it is fully turned up – the machine gun must therefore start up briefly before it releases its hail of bullets
  • Armor of the Colossus: When in full health, you will be protected by an arc shield when you spin this weapon up

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