Destiny 2: New glitch ensures endless super – Season 9 as Season of Bugs

In Destiny 2 now a stark new bug was discovered, the Warlocks can use their Super indefinitely. But the Destiny community is now taking the whole thing with humor and celebrating the new glitch.

What did Guardians discover?

Destiny 2 struggles this season with numerous glitches and bugs, which take the last nerve from some players, but can also increase the fun factor for others.

Now a new bug has been discovered tonight. And even if numerous guardians see it as “gamebreaking“, the mistake currently causes numerous laughs. The community takes it with humor and celebrates Glitch and Season 9 as “Season of Bugs”.

What exactly does the bug do?

The bug is now widespread on social media and on Reddit, but we won’t provide detailed instructions here because it also works in PvP.

It causes Duskblade Warlocks with the lower and upper focus tree to use their Super in principle indefinitely after it has been activated. The super only ends when you stop spamming the super attacks and can then be reproduced again without any problems.

This makes it possible, for example, to complete entire missions, strikes or other content with a continuously active super. This was also proven by the exceptional talent Esoterickk and went through the entire whispering mission for the sniper “Whispern des Wurms” with an active super – of course solo.

According to initial reports, this bug can also be reproduced easily in PvP.

What triggers the bug? 

Without describing it exactly: This time no armor exotic or any special weapon is responsible for it. The bug is simply there as part of the Dawnblade warlock and can be triggered by a simple mechanism.

How the players react: Destiny 2

The community takes it with humor. There are one or two players who find the new glitch or the increasing frequency of bugs in Season 9 really bitter, but most comments take this mistake with humor.

For example, the famous Destiny blogger shackleshotgun says: “Duskblades weekend emblem, we are coming …”. This comes as an allusion to the special emblems that Bungie once awarded for the overpowering phases of weapon exoticism such as Lord of the Wolves and Prometheus lens.

The PvP ace frostbolt says. “I laugh my head PvP Creators, you united – we conent!”

MarcoStlye , who now also plays Destiny alongside The Division, notes: “It is time to secure the legendary rank this season”

And the Twitter user seyywhat summarizes the whole thing from Bungie’s point of view and alluding to the frequent deactivations of recent times: “Due to discovered problems, we are deactivating the warlocks until further notice until a server-side hot fix has been provided”

On Reddit too, some players make fun of it and wonder what Bungie could do quickly this time – to lock the Warlocks? After all, there is no exotic or similar thing that you could take out of the game if necessary.

Others speak of the Season of Bugs or the Season of Disabled – also alluding to the increasing problems and deactivations during the course of Season 9.

This is how Bungie reacts:

The studio itself has not yet made a statement. However, community manager dmg04 reported on the tweet from Gladd, which drew wide attention to the bug, with a funny GIF.

It is not known exactly how and when the developers react to this problem, but Bungie has obviously already become aware of the error. So you can assume that players can no longer let off steam with the new Warlock glitch.

Why Season of Bugs?

There have been multiple overly exotic weapons this season , such as the Bow of Desires , overly powerful mods or one or the other piece of exotic armor that had unintended effects on the game and therefore had to be deactivated .

Bungie regularly releases updates and hotfixes for Destiny 2, but with every bug that is fixed, numerous guardians feel that several new ones are added. As soon as Bungie reports bug fixes, you can be almost certain that there are now several new bugs or that the problem has gotten worse, according to many players.

That’s why some are now talking about the Season of Bugs in Destiny 2.

What do you think of this bug? 

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