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Diablo 4: Tier List for Vampiric Powers

Since Season 2, players in Diablo 4 have been able to give their heroes Vampiric Powers to make them stronger. Even though the powers are bad, you should use them because they give you great benefits. These are the best ones. We’ll show you how to get them and what you need to pay attention to.

What do Vampiric Powers do in Diablo 4 Season 2?

The new thing about Diablo IV Season 2 is the Vampiric Powers. It can be used to make your hero better so that you can get even better gifts.

They are not the same as the hearts that players could farm in Season 1. In this summary, we’ll show you some of the best skills for your hero in general, so you can choose which one to use.

Tier List of the Vampiric Powers

Which vampire powers are the best?To make the best list possible, we looked at a lot of different sources and thought about the idea.We rate each power from S (very good) to C (average) so you can see which ones are best for your heroes.

LevelLesser Vampiric PowersHigher Vampiric Powers
SPremonition, preying on the weak, imperishableMetamorphosis, flowing veins, moonrise
AFrantic, Hemomania, Gluttonous, Crimson SupportsCursed touch, blood boil,
bDischarge, Infection, Jagged Spines, Hardening, Terror,bathe in blood,
CFangs of the Circle, Feeding of the Circle, Wall of Protection,Call a confidant

Keep in mind that the skills you need may change based on your build, which makes it hard to say what the general rule is for all classes and builds. But the choices we’ve given you are strong skills that you can use for almost anything.

How do I get my Vampiric Powers to work? You can get Vampiric Powers in three ways:

  • You can get any power when you use Mighty Blood.
  • When you finish the seasonal quest, you get a power that depends on the task.
  • As you move up the hunter fame board, you get new skills that depend on your level.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to finish some tasks in the seasonal story before you can access and use the powers menu.