Download Fortnite personnel files: Where can I find old IO servers?

Fortnite Resistance Week 9 requires downloading personnel files from IO servers. Here is a comprehensive guide to completing this challenge.

The current season of Fortnite is almost at its peak, but you still have a few missions to complete on behalf of the Seven. This week, you will have to complete a short infiltration mission in the heart of the General Staff Buried.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is almost at its conclusion. You still have a few stealth missions to complete to help the Seven. This week’s one will have you digging through the archives on the IO computers. You’ll find these machines in the heart of the Buried Command, the only place on the map that’s defended tooth and nail by Dr. Slone’s minions.

Where can I find old IO servers?

There are precisely three computers from which you can download the targeted data. All are at the buried headquarters, a place that appears in full on your map and which is flown over by a zeppelin. For simplicity, we recommend that you attack the computer located under the giant air vent, on the east of the place.

  • Enter the Buried General Staff via the giant ventilation tunnel indicated on the map.
  • Once you’ve gone through the door at the bottom of the fireplace, go right and then sneak through the vent.
  • Take the first exit on the right once in the conduits
  • You arrive in a room below, with a large blue holographic planisphere.
  • The computer is in the room!
  • Press “next entry” each time, and download the whole thing!

Note that a white exclamation point will appear on your mini-map to materialize the computer once you have entered the buried headquarters. During the last weeks of the season, many players are likely to land at the Buried Command to complete the challenges. If you don’t want to be disturbed during your maneuver, nothing prevents you from going to the scene a little later in the game.