Download Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 Free APK: Beta

Thanks to the new version of the game, users can enjoy unique items, and blocks and get acquainted with incredible creatures. In Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.0, opportunities in construction and travel are expanding.

Now you can move around the territory not only on horseback but also on an even larger creature – a camel. Due to its high growth, this animal can easily overcome various obstacles.

And although it moves quite slowly, players will have a chance to take a good look at the surrounding landscape. Feed him a cactus to get a little camel.


Every player can show their abilities in construction, especially since bamboo has become available for use for these purposes in Minecraft, and 1.20.0. It is worth noting that previously it was intended only for breeding pandas.

During this time, many Mods were created in which the authors expanded their capabilities. In this version of the game, you can create not only blocks from bamboo but also wood or slabs. All this is useful to build a cozy house on the shore.

The raft

But this is not limited to the scope of its application. Players can also build a bamboo raft in release version Minecraft PE 1.19.51. You can even install a chest on it to take everything you need with you on a trip.


In addition to various elements for construction – pressure plates, fences, and doors made of bamboo, you can craft bookshelves. In Minecraft, and 1.20.0, you can place up to six books on them at the same time and even store items for writing.

By the way, they are compatible with Redstone, which means that now players can create secret passages.


During the existence of the cubic world, a large number of updates have appeared. Mods for MCPE allow players not only to add something new to the surrounding space but also to change the appearance of the hero himself.

Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 has a large selection of unusual skins for it. Each of the options is not similar to the others and will allow users to show their uniqueness.


After the appearance of a new creature named Sniffer in Minecraft, and 1.20.0, players will have unique items. The fact is that this mob is an ancient creature. Its main feature is the search for plant seeds.

Growing up, they will fill the entire space with new plants that players can use for food or other purposes.

Download Minecraft 1.20 free apk

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