In Dying Light 2, survival is the ultimate goal in a world plagued by infected and dangerous factions. Safes scattered throughout the game offer precious loot, but they require codes to unlock. To aid you in your quest for survival, we have compiled an extensive list of safe codes in Dying Light 2, complete with the latest updates.


The developers do not want to make it easier for you, since these codes can sometimes be quite difficult to find. That’s why we offer you, below, a list of Dying Light 2 safe and the codes that go with them, so that you don’t waste too much time in your search. 

List of Safe Codes:

  1. The Tower Safe: Code – 3529 Unlock: Valuable gear and resources
  2. The Dark Zone Safe: Code – 4865 Unlock: High-tier weapons and ammunition
  3. The Survivor’s Stash Safe: Code – 2514 Unlock: Medkits, crafting materials, and money
  4. The Mercenaries’ Hideout Safe: Code – 5545 Unlock: Rare weapons and armor
  5. The Forgotten Bunker Safe: Code – 7643 Unlock: Unique blueprints and powerful upgrades
  6. The Underground Storage Safe: Code – 9198 Unlock: Grenades, explosives, and other tactical equipment

In each place where we can find a safe, there is a black box, which hides a document that gives clues to said code, so the task can be boring. 


  • Code 1  → 9 7 3
  • Code 2  → 14 9 2
  • Code 3  → 1 0 1
  • Code 4  → 3 1 3
  • Code 5  → 3 1 4
  • Code 6  → 31 21 67
  • Code 7  → 5 1 0


You will find these chests in the following areas, or at certain points in the game:

  • Chest 1 → Quest for the First Biomarker at St. Joseph’s Hospital, north of the hospital.
  • Chest 2 → Water Tower Quest, can be found south of Horsehoe.
    • To unlock it, you must find two characters called Jack and Joe imprisoned in the prison of the Peacekeepers, who must not be killed during the special mission. They will give you the code.
  • Chest 3 → Can be found east of Houndfield. The code is easy to find.
  • Chest 4 → East of Downtown, next to the bandit camp, on the roof of a building.
  • Chest 5 → Can be found south of Garrison in the electrical station. A note indicates that this is the approximate number of Pi, making it quite easy to open.
  • Chest 6 → Treasure Hunt quest in Muddy Grounds, north of Muddy Grounds in the underground water tower.
  • Chest 7 → The chest is in the Bazaar, going up the tower.

The image below is to locate these chests a little better (image obtained via Steam ).



Having access to safe codes is crucial for survival in Dying Light 2. Utilize this full updated list to unlock valuable loot, resources, and weaponry hidden within safes throughout the game’s post-apocalyptic landscape. As you explore and scavenge, keep an eye out for more safe codes, as the world of Dying Light 2 is vast and filled with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Prepare yourself, for the dangers are plentiful, and only those resourceful enough will survive and thrive in this gripping survival horror experience.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series.