EA UFC 4 Update 9.00: Check out the latest UFC Patch Notes

The EA UFC 4 update 9.00 patch is live. Today’s EA UFC 4 patch v9.00 adds two new fighters, among others: Evin Holland and Vicente Locke.

EA UFC 4 Update 9.00 is now download for all platforms. In total, it should download size 3.97GB, depending on the device. We have all the information about EA UFC 4 latest Patch Notes Version 9.00 on March 4th.

EA UFC 4 latest Patch Notes Version 9.00

UFC Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters, Kevin Holland and Vicente Luque
  • Added a timed delay to matchmaking if a user repeatedly does not finish online matches 

UFC 4 Update 9.00 Gameplay Changes

Clinch Knees now receive a boost when Knees Boost is active in Career

Fixed animation issue in a specific diving punch knee on belly entry

UFC 4 Update Community Feedback:

  • Updated Michael Chandler’s nickname to “Iron” Michael Chandler
  • Osoto-Gari is no longer available to Created Fighters
  • Slipping strikes are now slower while rocked
  • Significantly increased effect of Grapple Advantage on Takedowns
  • Decreased denial window for the low single takedown
  • Takedown denials now drain 20% more permanent stamina from the attacker
  • Fixed animation issue in the early denial of the open stance single leg
  • Added damage for the following slams:
    • Kimbo Slam (right turn from cage single leg)
    • Double Leg Slam from Cage Single Leg (left turn from cage single leg)
    • Cage Bodylock Slam (left turn from cage double leg)
  • Slowed down the advancing switch kick
  • Body knees and frontal kicks can no longer be evaded by head movement
  • Slowed down back side posture fakes and made the animation more readable
  • Slowed down lead overhand combos
  • Special counter from Side Saddle to North South now requires a large stamina advantage
  • Fixed issue with jab – body side kick combo not working with “mixed movement”, such using one strike advancing and another stationary.
  • Fixed a brief “freezing” animation issue when trying to walk and sway after a slipping straight
  • Significantly slowed down jab – handplant kick combo

Patch Source: EA