Echo Generation paranormal adventure arrives in October on Xbox Game Pass

Developer Cococucumber has announced that their newest project called Echo Generation will be released directly on Xbox Game Pass on October 21st. The game mixes adventure with turn-based battles, in which a bunch of kids investigates supernatural occurrences to save their city.

The game was announced at the Xbox Game Studios pre-show in 2020 and finally gained its definitive release date.

Classes end in the summer when a mysterious object falls in the cornfields of a tranquil Canadian town. Soon, unexplained incidents start to happen that lead to the appearance of sinister creatures, monsters, and mechanics. Bring snacks, grab your hockey stick, and summon some friends to discover the source of these strange events.

Discover what lurks in the shadows, from mutant mice to spooky animatronics, and challenge them in turn-based battles to level up and gain amazing new powers. Talk to townspeople to embark on new quests to unlock mysterious secrets. Power to fight gigantic bosses in fights that mix real-time action with turn-based combat.

Echo Generation captures the heart of nostalgia, recreating memories of unforgettable summers, inspired by classic movies and horror novels from the 80s and 90s. Synthwave melodies help create a voxel-based world that is strangely atmospheric, playfully spooky, and vibrant, brought to life in stunning 4K resolution and 60fps on Xbox Series X.

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