Fall Guys Speed Hack – Fall Guys Cheat

Fall Guys Speed Hack – Fall Guys Cheat

Fall Guys, a slightly different battle royale game, got off to a good start. The game is in high demand, which is so massive that there was a server failure for the first few days.

Since it is a multiplayer game, it was a matter of time before the first cheat appeared. Now there seems to be a “speed piracy” that enables the player to proceed at the start of the round.

This cheat is only present in the PC version! We don’t want to delve into more about how this cheat is used, Mediatonic has already announced that this cheat will be removed as soon as possible.

Below we implemented a video showing these Fall Guys cheat.

Fall Guys’ speed hack cheat gives those using it a big speed advantage over the competition

Developer Mediatonic is aware of the Fall Guys speed hack cheats and currently working on a fix that will, hopefully, not take long to be pushed to live servers.