FIFA 20 Season 1 ends – What’s next?

This is the season progress: The season progress works similar to the Battle Pass in Fortnite. By completing various challenges, players have been able to earn experience points and unlock rewards. The highest rewards of Season 1 were the so-called story players Zaha, Tolisso and Vazquez. You can choose one of these three when you reach level 30.

When does FIFA 20 Season 1 end?

If you do not have all the rewards, you should hurry up. Because: The first season of FIFA 20 ends on Friday evening, the 8th of November!

Did you get FIFA 20 all the rewards?

That’s how Season 1 went: With the end of the first season, it’s worth looking back. It can be said: getting all the rewards of the season’s progress is not that easy. On reddit there are several posts on the subject that XP is still missing – and if you can do it in time. User ” ibbyk1708 ” is wondering if the story players are even available.

The Answer: Yes, you can get the Story Player during FIFA 20 Season 1. There are also many players who already have over 100,000 XP and have accordingly graced all the rewards. But that was not easy. Because: The weekly targets in bronze, silver and gold are only available for two weeks and sometimes very difficult . If you miss them, you have a lot to catch up with.

Events such as Icon Swaps or Ultimate Scream brought goals, which also brought XP. But if you have missed several week goals, it will be difficult to get the rewards. Especially the gold targets brought a lot of XP, which ultimately also urgently needed.

How’s FIFA 20 Season 2 going?

That’s what players want: Since there is currently no official information from EA to FIFA 20 Season 2, a look at the needs of the community offers. One seems very likely: Even in Season 2, there will probably be 30 levels with different rewards such as badges, choroes and packs. How exactly that will look like – the community is still divided.

This concerns especially the story player. Will there be a new selection? At least that seems most likely. An alternative proposal from the community, however, includes upgrades for the already existing story players. This might look something like this for user ” moldylungs “:

Many users want a new selection here. An interesting idea also has user ” RubioJones “. The suspects that the Season 2 is modeled on the Madden series just attached to Season 1. That would mean that you can continue to take the rewards – which would probably meet many players.

One of Season 1’s problems was that late players or those with limited time for FIFA could not really catch up. Because: The week targets were just temporarily available. Here are some who wish that the goals remain available longer. But that seems unlikely given the first season.

FIFA 20 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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