A few days before the arrival of the TOTY on FIFA 22, EA Sports offers a fourth major update for its favourite title. Patch #4 changes to Ultimate Team mode, gameplay, Career mode, and many other changes. This update, which you will find in the full notes below, is already available on PC and will arrive shortly on PlayStation and Xbox.



  • In away matches, players will see their own line colors and not the opponent’s.
  • Updated the Transfer Market and Stadium search filters to match the look and functionality of the Transfer Market Player Quality search filter.


  • In some cases, a few users were getting an initialization message when trying to matchmake in Division Rivals, and couldn’t find any opponents.
  • In some cases, Team Management options could not be adjusted during a Division Rivals match.
  • Intuitive shots were not always counting towards progress through Objectives.
  • In some cases, players were unable to access the FUT Champions menu.
  • A few DCE UI elements were not displaying correctly.
  • During matches, the image of certain players was not displayed in the Players to Watch information.
  • Bar progression in the FUT Champions Play-Offs was not always correct after a loss.



  • Hard passes are now more likely to be intercepted by players in the path of the ball.
  • Certain dribbling animations triggered with the left stick/stick, such as when the ball carrier makes some adjustments to avoid a potential tackle, now only occur when the Contextual Fine Dribbling setting is enabled.
  • Reduced shot assist when attempting a shot when the keeper is close to one of his posts.
  • In matches where the custom tactic slider for corners conceded is set to 1 or 2 bars, more players will now be placed outside the box and on the halfway line.
  • Improved the defensive marking of an AI partner on short corners.
  • In a situation where a defender grappling with the ball carrier suffers a small bridge, they will no longer perform an animation where they slip while performing a hook.
  • Removed some jerky animations that could occur when the controlled player tried to block a low pass or a short lob pass.


  • Sometimes goalkeepers couldn’t make saves on shots aimed at them, between the knees and the head.
  • In matches where the custom tactics slider for defense depth was set to 70 or higher, defenders could unintentionally back up excessively into their own half.
  • When attempting to switch players with the right joystick/analog stick to swap to a central defender, the swap could occur with another player.
  • In some situations, the goalkeepers were not successful in their saves on shots that were nevertheless accessible by diving.
  • When swapping players with the right joystick/stick, the next player indicator would sometimes appear above a player other than the one being swapped.
  • In a rare situation, the ball carrier victim of a ball loss could remain frozen in place.
  • In situations where a defender unsuccessfully attempted to block a shot, an animation of the player kicking the ball away from the ball could trigger.
    • This was a visual issue only and had no bearing on the outcome of the action.
  • In rare situations where the ball was far from the ball carrier’s feet, a requested pass or shot could take too long.
  • The defending player could unintentionally decelerate while running after an air ball.
  • When the goalkeeper came out of his area to seize a ball, he approached it without reacting, which led to a loss of ball.
  • The player switch indicator could sometimes unintentionally switch from a central defender to another player in inappropriate situations.
  • In rare situations, the ball could pass through a defender if the player receiving the ball made a check before the defender came into contact.
  • Players could sometimes stumble in inappropriate situations.
  • In rare cases, a goalkeeper could deflect into his own goal a low shot which he could have seized.
  • Sometimes a goalkeeper could commit a foul without the referee awarding a free kick to the opposing team.



  • Young players may have been created with disproportionate arms.
  • Young players’ names and numbers did not appear on their shirts during matches.
  • In Player Career, the Pro’s OVR and Position may have been changed unintentionally after they were changed.
  • Entering as a substitute in player career, team tactics, style of play, and team difficulty level may have been reset.
  • Young players born after 2005 displayed a date of birth in 1980 when they were modified.
  • A young player’s progress could sometimes become unintentionally blocked.
  • In some cases, a contract renewal could apply with players 1 year younger than what was agreed upon during negotiations.
  • By modifying a player’s shoes, they could sometimes find themselves wearing gloves.



  • Slightly reduced the reactions of AI teammates when trying to contain a dribbling player.
    • This change does not affect AI-controlled teammates on teams with human players and does not affect practice matches.