Find All Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations

Minecraft Dungeons rune game locations are secret rooms that you can find in all the basic levels of the game. Each hidden level in Minecraft Dungeons has a push plate, button, or lever that you can interact with to unlock secret rooms that contain runes. It is necessary to collect all hidden runes in Minecraft Dungeons to unlock the secret Easter eggs in the church, after completing the main story.

This is the case, in the Rune Locations Minecraft Dungeons guide, we will show you where to find all the runes, and how to unlock the secret level in the church.


Where to Find All Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations?

To find all the Rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll have to find a hidden area in every one of the nine primary levels. You don’t have to worry about the hidden levels, such as Soggy Cave and Creepy Crypt. You can keep track of how many Runes you have at the altar of the church, which unlocks after you’ve beaten the game for the first time. As you’re going towards the platform, you’ll see a portrait of a dog on the left. Interacting with it will give you a hint of where to look for the Runes, but you won’t need that since we’re going to show you all the locations right here. Let’s go!

Creeper Woods Rune Location Minecraft Dungeons

For the Creeper Woods Rune, you’ll have to proceed through the level until you reach the “Free the Villagers” quest. Go into the southwest corner of the area (kill the enemies to make things easier on yourself). You’ll see a crypt-looking structure there, and a button among some cobblestone-looking rubble. Press the button to open the crypt, and go down. In this new area, walk across the bridge and press the button on the “altar.” This will cause the rune to spawn, so collect it and proceed with the mission.

Soggy Swamp Rune – Where to Find?

To find the Soggy Swamp rune, play to the end of the level and destroy the Cauldron, but don’t walk out of the exit. Instead, head to the right, to the pillar with giant, red mushrooms at the base. There’s a button hidden among the mushrooms that you have to press. When you do, a nearby section of wall will go down, opening the door to yet another bridge and altar that you’ll have to push to get another rune.

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Rune in Pumpkin Pastures Location

You can find the secret rune in Pumpkin Pastures during the “Find the Village” step. If you keep your eye to the right, you’ll come across a long castle wall surrounded by battlements. Near the end of the chunk of wall, you’ll find a bunch of boxes. Check behind them to find another button for you to press. The process is the same – a section of wall will lower, you go down into the weird nether, and press the button to generate another rune.

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Rune in Pumpkin Pastures Location

To get the Rune in Cacti Canyon, play through the level usually until you complete the “Power the Beacons” objective. As you go on, you’ll come across a small, gated area with a blue key. You’ll be ambushed here before you can enter that place, so be ready to fight. When you clear the enemies, look for the button under the palm tree to the left of the gate. When pressed, it reveals a secret door right behind the blue key. You know what you have to do.

Redstone Mines Secret Rune Location in Minecraft Dungeons

The location of the Redstone Mines secret rune in Dungeons is, as you might have imagined, hidden behind some Redstone ore. Well, the button is. Push through the level until you get to a massive room during the “Free the Villagers” step. In the far left side of the room is where the button is sequestered away among Redstone, as we’ve already explained. You know what awaits you from there. Side note: you don’t have to kill all the enemies to do this, but it does help significantly.

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge – How to Get Rune?

To get the Fiery Forge rune, play through the beginning of the stage and enter the Fiery Forge proper. Go into the bottom left corner of the room, opposite from the fallen Golem. Please press the button on the wall; it’s right next to the vase, you’re not going to miss it. Wall goes down; you go down, you press the thing on the thing, you get the rune, you go on your merry way. Just like always.

Where to Find Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secret Rune?

To find the rune in Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple, play through the level usually until you find the room with the Gold Key. That, after all, is one of the major quests in the area. When you do find the Gold Key, leave it be for a second and go into the adjacent room. There should be a lever on the wall behind the big fern, next to the palm in the upper right corner. This time, a much more dramatic section of wall will lower, but the system remains the same.

High block Halls Secret Rune Location

The rune in Highblock Halls is slightly more challenging to find. Proceed as usual until you get to the “Crash the Party” step. You’ll find yourself in the courtyard, with a large door opened with a yellow key at the end. Don’t open the door; instead, head back and to the right, to the area behind the target range. Immediately to the left on the top of the stairs, you’ll find a lever you can pull.

Obsidian Pinnacle Minecraft Dungeons Rune Location

The Obsidian Pinnacle secret rune in Minecraft Dungeons is by far the most difficult to find. Go through the level, and head into the indoors section. Keep pushing until you come across a library area, which honestly seems more like a giant, medieval dining room. At the very end of that room, there’s a section of books that are a secret lever for you to pull. This time around, you won’t go into the netherworld; instead, you’ll find yourself in a regular room that has the rune generator, as well as several chests potentially full of rare goodies.

How to Unlock Rune Secret Level in Minecraft Dungeons?

To unlock the secret rune level in Minecraft Dungeons, you have to bring all the runes back to the church altar. You can do it rune by rune, or all at once, or in groups, whatever works for you. There’s not even any need to complete the level; you can head back to the camp and the church as soon as you find a rune and place it at the altar. You might notice that there are ten rune slots, but you’ve only collected nine. Don’t worry; you activate the first rune automatically when you interact with the altar panel for the first time.

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