Fortnite AIM Codes Maps List: Best Maps – Fortnite

If you are looking for a good AIM map in Fortnite, we will try to help you by offering you a non-exhaustive list of the best AIM maps. The choice is quite wide, which may take some time to find the best experience. Please don’t panic; we’re here to help. 

For a few months now, not to say years, the community has set up many AIM maps on Fortnite, all with specificities. That’s why we’ve got a number of them for you to choose from, depending on what exactly you’re looking for. Note that some maps are more comprehensive than just AIM’s training.

  • Piece Control + Aim → 1611-0113-8283
    • It works like training, in which you will be able to choose the mode and make the highest possible score.
  • Skaavok Aim Training → 8022-6842-4965
    • Most popular card for aiming practice. It is very often updated; it allows you to handle each weapon and know perfectly the recoil and the rate of fire.
  • Edit + Aim Parkour Season 1 Chapter 3 → 4691-7411-6945
    • Ideal card to also learn how to build better, in combat situations, in particular.
  • Elite Squad – Aim Shooter → 0631-4923-5407
    • A selection of mini-games to improve your AIM, alone or with a friend.
  • SNGMATH AIM TRAINING → 2766-8535-4911
    • The map offers you different shooting ranges to master all the weapons of Fortnite.

There are, of course, many more cards, but we’ve given you an original selection of what’s available here. The article will be updated to add cards that stand out from time to time.

To play any of these  AIM maps in Fortnite, you must enter one of the codes above.


As you know, Fortnite is not just the Battle Royale mode. We also have access to a PvE mode, Save the World, and a more community mode, Creative mode, giving free rein to the players’ imagination. This mode interests us, given that it offers a multitude of derivatives, including cards for the AIM model.

If you are not used to the genre, know that these are maps set up to train players, whether beginners or not. In these maps, you will be able to train your aim (AIM) through several challenges, very often races, asking you to eliminate as many targets as possible in a short time. These cards have become very popular over time. There are Fortnite, as you can see from our list above.