Launch the spaceship in Fortnite – find all 3 parts.

Fortnite: Ancient Ship Here you will find the 3 parts

“Ancient Ship” is a new challenge in Fortnite. TheGameRoof tells you where to find the three parts and install them in the ship. We show all localities on the map and in the game. In this guide we want to tell you all about the secret challenge.

Launch the spaceship in Fortnite – find all 3 parts.

The spaceship can be found northeast of Craggy Cliffs, on a small island. As soon as you approach the spaceship, the first step is already completed – Ancient Ship found. Now you have to find and use three parts of the ship:

  • Heat Shield
  • Battery Pack
  • Thruster

These parts are near and are easy to find:

Spaceship Battery Pack Location

a few meters east of the spaceship, you will find a large stone. Destroy the stone and take the battery that is underwater.

Spaceship Heat Shield Location

You can find the heat shield further east on the mainland. It’s on a flat rock.

Here you can find the heat shield: The location of the heat shield is also somewhat hidden. The sign is located on a rock formation on the eastern beach, away from the island.

Grab it and go to the spaceship. Below the place where you installed the battery, you will find the place for the third part.

Spaceship Thruster Location

The last part can be found south of the spaceship on the mainland. You can see it from afar; it is a bright green object in the middle of the rock wall.

If you should be killed in the launch sequence, you must initiate the spaceship and start the launch sequence again in the next round.

Good to collect EXP

What does it do? You will receive 14,000 experience points three times in this challenge.

  • If you collect all 3 parts, you will be rewarded with 14,000 EXP
  • If you install all 3 parts, there will be another 14,000 EXP for you
  • If you start the spaceship, you will receive 25,000 EXP