Fortnite Battle Royale leak suggests BRUTE mechs will be permanent removed

It seems that Epic is preparing for two major changes in his successful Royal Fortnite battle game, including the elimination of universally hated BRUTE costumes and the arrival of a completely new map. The players have been asking for the removal of the BRUTE suit since the tenth season of the game arrived, something about which Epic has been unusually stubborn. However, the arrival of a completely new map can compensate for frustration.

Epic recently launched Fortnite 10.40, something that data miners have been busy looking for clues about the future of the game. We are only a couple of weeks from the end of season 10 and it seems that things are improving for the eleventh season of the game: the BRUTE jump and the arrival of a new map.

The hint that BRUTE will not stay comes from data miner @FortTroy on Twitter, an account with a solid track record of digging up details about the game before launch. In a tweet today, FortTory shared an image of update 10.40 that seems to indicate that a virus will corrupt BRUTE mech’s costumes and eventually cause them to explode:

Perhaps the most exciting thing is the leaking of another well-known data miner, Lucas7yoshi, a Twitter account that found a lot of new Points of Interest (POI) in the most recent patch of the game, including those such as’ Holly Hedges’, ‘Lazy Lake ‘,’ Slurpy Swamp “and” Weeping Woods. “The files are reportedly labeled” The End. “

Of course, it is difficult to ignore the fact that many of these names look like variations of existing IDPs on Battle Royale Island, perhaps hinting at a kind of temporary turn in which players are moved to a different dimension. Snobby Shores can be called Sunny Shores in this alternative world, for example, with things like Lazy Lake replacing Lazy Lagoon and Frenzy Farm replacing Fatal Fields. However, it is difficult to say right now.

The huge armored vehicles were added to the game at the beginning of Season 10 and their destruction has far removed many fans, and many believe they are too dominated to be included.

However, writing seems to be on the wall for BRUTE Mech suits, according to the leaked information from the reliable data miner FortTory.

EPIC GAMES: It has been a difficult journey for the BRUTE Mech costumes in Fortnite Season 10.

The Fortnite leak has revealed a new screen that was added to the game data files after the weekly update on September 25, which seems to show that the Mechs will soon develop a virus or a malfunction of some kind.