Fortnite Green, Yellow, and Red Steel Bridge locations GUIDE

Fortnite Green, Yellow, and Red Steel Bridge locations GUIDE

The new Fortnite season presents fun challenges and one of them dances on steel bridges in different colors. The Fortnite Chapter 2 steel bridge location guide will help you find these bridges, and when the coast is clear, you can dance to your liking.

One of Fortnite’s challenges for week 9 is dancing in different locations of steel bridges on the Fortnite map. We have found and marked all locations of steel bridges of different colors in our guide below.

Fortnite Green, Yellow, and Red Steel Bridge locations GUIDE

Fortnite Chapter Chapter 2 steel bridge location

The main hurdle in the purpose of these bridge dance missions is to locate them. Many people had trouble figuring out the exact location of the bridges, so we created this guide to explain in detail.

Before proceeding with the Site Directory, let us let you know the benefit of completing the task.

The Steel Bridge Challenge is part of the Fortnite Chaos Rising mission and completing a set of all of the listed mission goals will open the Fortnite Chaos Rising download screen.

The Chaos Rising download screen is a great bonus for discovering the location of the XP dump file: an opportunity to win the cool XP there.

Now talking about the location of bridges, here we go:

Blue Steel Bridge Location

Head towards Pleasant Park and as soon as you cross a populated area, head east towards the steep slopes.

There is a bridge linking the above mentioned sites and yes. This is your blue bridge that you must dance to to complete the goal.

Red Steel Bridge Location

From Salty Springs, take the northbound route to the Pleasant Park.

You will have to cross a bridge between these two places. This bridge is your Red Steel bridge and you must dance to it to complete the goal.

Green Steel Bridge location

The Solid Green Bridge is actually the bridge that connects part of the frenzy farms with the Dirty Docks. However, there are two bridges in total, so you should take one in the north toward the Lazy Lake region.

Purple Steel Bridge location

Parallel bridge forest crying and Slurpy magenta swamp. This is also the only bridge between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp, so you may have already crossed it several times.

Yellow steel bridge location

There is only one bridge between Misty Meadows and Retail Row. This is a yellow painted steel bridge and you must dance to it to complete the goal of dancing on the bridges.

Get ready to fight on these bridges, as they will be a group of players looking to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. Good luck!