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Fortnite Hotfix Update 2.98 / 15.10.1 Patch Notes For PS4, PS5 and Xbox

Epic Games released new hotfix update 15.10.1 for Fortnite. According to the Epic official Fortnite 2.98 patch notes, the latest update added stability and performance fixes but don’t expect any new content.


Fortnite Hotfix update 2.98 / 15.10.1

There have been some issues with Fortnite in recent days. Among other things, there were significant performance issues, rating errors, and some completion errors. Correction notes will follow within a few minutes!

Fortnite Crew issues on Xbox – Content not received or removed from account (details in topic)

Fortnite update 2.98 PS4 Note:

15.10.1 – Stability fixes for Fortnite improvement.

Epic Games hasn’t commented on the contents of the patch yet, although we’ve listed some issues:

General Top Issues:

Fortnite Crew Issues on Xbox – Content Not Received or Removed From Account (Details in Thread)

We’re aware some players on Xbox are reporting not receiving content after resubscribing to Fortnite Crew.

Additionally, some players who get charged for 2 months and ask for a refund for 1 month have their Fortnite Crew content removed from their account entirely.

If you still need help, we advise reaching out to the Fortnite player support team.

Additional Context
You have two options when adjusting your Fortnite Crew Xbox subscription with Microsoft

The first option is to stop future recurring Fortnite Crew payments by visiting, sign in, and select “Turn off recurring billing”. With this option Fortnite Crew items and V-Bucks you have received as part of the subscription will stay in your account, but future Fortnite Crew monthly payments will not be processed.

The second option is to contact Microsoft support to cancel and request a full refund of your Fortnite Crew purchase. If granted, this option results in the removal of Fortnite Crew content from your account, including 1,000 V-Bucks or the items purchased with them, and any monthly Crew Packs. You will keep the Battle Pass, however, 950 V-Bucks will be deducted from your wallet. This may result in a negative V-Bucks balance in your Fortnite wallet.

If you see that items have been removed from your Xbox account after canceling your Fortnite Crew subscription, it is likely because your subscription was canceled and refunded by Microsoft. This may have happened if you had previously selected “Cancel subscription” and selected “Cancel now and get a refund” – which refunds your Fortnite Crew subscription – rather than “Turn off recurring billing” – which cancels future recurring billing of your subscription.

Each platform has its own cancellation and refund policies. You can find the Xbox subscription refund policy here and full terms and conditions here.

If you previously received a refund, you can still resubscribe to Fortnite Crew by December 31 to receive the December Crew Pack featuring Galaxia.

If you’re looking for further details on canceling Fortnite Crew renewal, please check the FAQs on the Fortnite Crew web page, as well as our knowledge base page for canceling Fortnite Crew.

If you still need help, we advise reaching out to the Fortnite player support team.

Fortnite Update 2.98 is now available for download. On the PS4, the file size is 487 MB, the size may vary depending on the platform. Download free Fortnite Update 2.98 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, For more information and latest updates stay tuned with TheGameRoof