Fortnite Season 8: 3 best tips on how to get your XP quickly

The Battleroyal shooter ” Fortnite ” has caused a lot of change with the new 8th season. Since the quest system has also been revised, here are the 3 best tips on how to get your XP quickly to complete your Battle Pass.

What happened to the quest system? In the seasons before the 8th season, the quests were kept simple. Every Thursday you got a new set of quests and you could solve them in the course of the week until the next quest reset on Thursday.

But since the stamp cards now rule the quest system, the usual ascent is riddled with obstacles for one or the other. We’ll show you which 3 tips will definitely help you level up.

1. Solve all stamp cards and daily tasks

The quests no longer come in the simple “do this and do that” design, but there is a complete quest page with the respective stamp cards.

What are stamp cards? Stamp cards are a reintroduced form of XP procurement. In Chapter 2 Season 2 there were also stamp cards, but in a smaller form. Back then you closed the stamp cards on the side by going fishing or killing several opponents with an assault rifle.

What’s new now? Epic Games overturned the old quest system and now added the new and revised time card system. There you can select a stamp card in the separate tab and the associated NPC will be automatically marked on your card.

Then go to the NPC during a match, let him initiate you, solve the tasks and the stamp card is ready. After solving a task, you will automatically be provided with a new task – until all 5 tasks on the stamp card have been completed.

Important to note: Try to complete the tasks as far as possible in a team of friends. With the new season, Epic reintroduced group tasks. That means, in a squad of 4 players, anyone can take on a quest.

By completing the squad, everyone gets their progress and XP credited. So in the best-case scenario, you can complete four stamp cards in a Battle Royal round and that in the shortest possible time.

2. Don’t forget the creative mode

The creative mode in Fortnite is a separate platform for having fun. There you can play modes designed by Content Creators and switch off from the stressful everyday life in the BR with your friends.

But why is it so important? You only get XP by simply entering a creative world. Provided you stay there for at least 15 minutes. Epic will reward you if you take a few minutes and play these modes there.

You can use this method of gaining XP five times a day. There is still an indirect cooldown, otherwise many players would simply dump in their created world and wait until the XP rains.

So don’t forget, if you’re tired of the Battle Royal mode, just do something else in the meantime and leave your character in the creative lobby. Then nothing goes wrong with you either.

3. Impostor mode is an XP pit

The Impostors mode added in Season 7 is a real XP pit. In this sense, the mode is not sweaty like the BR mode, but rather fun and easy to contest in a team.

How can I farm XP well there? If you are an agent, solve as many tasks as you can. But also note that you should survive a very long time in order to benefit from the time bonus. If you do get caught by a traitor, it would be an advantage to stay in the lobby instead of rage quinces. Because if you leave the lobby prematurely, you risk losing XP.