Fortnite: Update 17.00 Patch Notes for Season 7

Fortnite: Battle Royale brings a lot of wacky innovations with Update 17.00 and the start of Season 7 – Chapter 2. Fortnite Season 7’s 17.00 update, including upgraded PC visuals and planned bug fixes.

FORTNITE update 17.00 is about to go live on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android. Here’s everything you need to know about the new patch.

What’s new in Season 7? Update 17.00 starts Season 7 – Chapter 2 in Fortnite and this time the title is “Invasion”. As already known in advance, this time it’s about aliens who haunt the island. This brings the following innovations into play:

  • The theme is the fight against the aliens, which is carried out by the imagined order (IO) and Dr Slone is led. There are also other NPCs who either help the aliens, are neutral or fight the aliens.
  • Aliens are flying around with UFOs all over the island. You can shoot them down or hijack them. Then you can shoot it yourself or throw things and vehicles around with a tractor beam.
  • There are a lot of new high-tech weapons out there. These include a rail gun that shoots through walls or a useful pulse rifle. There is also an alien blaster and a scanner. More weapons will be added over the course of the season.
  • Weapon crafting is back and you can use nuts and bolts to convert weapons, for example, pimp an assault rifle into a volley rifle.
  • In Battle Pass, there is a new Alien Skin called Kymera. This is like a character editor with which you can create your own alien from dozens of different options. There are different heads, eye colours and much more that you can freely combine.

Fortnite Season 7 trailer

Fortnite Update 17.00 Full Patch Notes


• Season 17 Battle Pass

 – 100 levels of rewards, including new skins, items, emotes and V-Bucks.

• New Map changes

• Pulsar 9000

 – Final designs of proximity deterrent device now rendering. Lab results show positive effect on target movement and trajectory.

• Next-gen visuals on PC

 – While running Epic graphics settings on a machine that meets system requirements, you’ll be able to enjoy enhanced effects, improved postprocessing features and shadow quality.

• Cancel your Shakedown of an opponent.

 – Hitting Reload or the same button/key you used to pick the opponent up will immediately drop them mid-shake, cancelling any accidental interrogations.


• Unable to equip cape Back Blings on Rebirth Raven’s Rachel Roth Style.

– Players are unable to equip cape Back Blings on the Rachel Roth Style of the Rebirth Raven Outfit.

• Shanty for a Squad Emote out of sync when joining already-singing players.

– The Shanty for a Squad Emote may sound out of sync when players join in on the Emote with already-singing players.


• Asset memory size not showing in pre-place mode on XL Islands.

– On XL Islands, the memory size of assets does not display in pre-place mode.


• Difficulty scrolling through player list in Voice Chat tab on controller.

– Players on controller may have difficulty scrolling through the player list in the Voice Chat tab if the player list is long.

• Unable to perform Last Forever Emote.

– Players may be unable to perform the Last Forever Emote after selecting it.

• Item Shop update notice not clearing.

– The Item Shop update notice does not clear after visiting the Item Shop.

• Xbox Players Unable to Re-subscribe to Fortnite Crew

– Xbox players may be unable to re-subscribe to the Fortnite Crew due to any outstanding balances on the account. The UI may catch players in a loop and will need to be resolved via Xbox’s account management website.

• Unable to fish while inside certain vehicles.

– We’re aware of an issue preventing players from using a Fishing Rod while in the passenger seat of a Motorboat or in the pick-up bed of an OG Bear truck.

• Several Pickaxes disabled in competitive.

– Due to an issue, we’ve disabled several Pickaxes from competitive playlists. Joining a competitive playlist with one of these equipped will instead equip the Default Pickaxe.

• Unable to craft Mechanical Bows or Primal Fire Bow in core modes after playing in competitive mode.

– Players will be unable to craft Mechanical Bows or the Primal Fire Bow when playing in core modes after playing in a competitive mode.

• Taking damage through cars while in motion.

– Players may sometimes be damaged through their car’s exterior while in motion.

Fortnite servers are back

When can you play the new features? The downtime for Update 17 has already ended and the new season is online. So you can jump right back into the game and try out the new Battle Pass. 

Source (s): Epic Games