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Fortnite Update 2.71 (12.60 Patch Notes) Release May 20th 2020

As Epic Games Fortnite Update 2.71 (12.60 Patch Notes) has been released. According to the official Fortnite 2.71 patch notes, the newest update makes new changes, bug fixes, tweaks, and more. Aside from this, Fortnite patch 2.71 also adds stability and performance improvements. We have all information about this patch on May 20th.

Fortnite Update 2.71 (PS4 version number) is now available for download. On the PS4, you have to download and install 2,14 GB. The size of the download may vary depending on the platform.

Fortnite Update 2.71 (12.60 Patch Notes) Release May 20th

Fortnite Update 2.71 Patch Notes 12.60

The patch notes will follow in a few minutes! Known Issues Addressed by v12.60:


  • Players may see a seam running through the middle of an island while playing on mobile devices.

Save the World

  • Exploding Deathbomb deals damage to the objective through builds
  • Black Metal Weapons do not respect self-damage amount when performing Critical Hits
  • Ammo is consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up. (PLEASE READ UPDATE)

About Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games is a modern Battle Royale game. Here the players compete against each other on a map and fight for survival. The game was able to convince many players in a colorful comic look because of the constant further developments and innovative elements. It is currently considered one of the most successful games in its genre and has appeared on a number of platforms.

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