One of the challenges in Fortnite asks you to use a ball, which can also come in very handy on the battlefield. We explain where to find them and all there is to know.

In addition to the many seasonal quests, whether weekly or special quests, like those of the Rebellion, Fortnite players have random daily quests. With week 8, new items were introduced and, therefore, new daily quests. These quests are generally relatively easy, but sometimes players may have questions about completing them. This is particularly the case with the one asking you to use a ball

We explain where to find the balloons, especially how to use them.


The good news is that these balloons can be found all over Fortnite, given that they are rare (blue) quality loot. We find them on the ground or in chests, which means you have a high chance of finding some quickly.

Regarding their use, the balloons can have several effects. Each pack of balloons you find contains ten, in general. You can also use just one, which will allow you to hover when you jump and reach places a little higher, or two (or more), to fly. However, be careful, if the opponents destroy the balloons, you will fall, and a long fall will kill you. You have to let them go little by little.

Use your weapons while having one or more balloons attached to your back, which can be a significant advantage.

As part of the daily challenge asking you to use a balloon, know that you only have to inflate them to validate it. Therefore, a somewhat tricky quest, like most other daily quests, which are used to obtain bonus XP.