Fortnite: when it comes back online? Fortnite Server Down

After the short event in Fortnite the servers are offline We only see a kind of black hole!

After the short event in Fortnite the servers are offline! We only see a kind of black hole!

The End that has led the players towards the end of Season 10. The community expected the imminent launch of Season 11, but things did not go exactly like that, and today it is even impossible to play!

Starting Fortnite won’t find the usual map (swept to the ground, from the event The End), but only a giant black hole surrounded by numbers, mysterious night were over a million people who were gathered around the black hole on Twitch and even in the time of this writing the live stream held by Epic can count on tens of thousands of users.

Fortnite: when you return online?

It is almost certain that we are dealing with a distortion of Fortnite’s total and, according to the HYPEX filter, the game will remain offline until Tuesday October 15, when Epic will release the update that will give Chapter 2 of Fortnite, this should be the official name of the “new course” of Battle Royale of Epic Games. Apparently, the idle time will not be too long, but we will certainly know more in the next few hours, however, it is certain that in the course of the week that has just begun you will be able to play Fortnite again.

Epic Games ‘ Online Store

The Epic Games Status page indicates the presence of limited problems and services for Fortnite, while Epic Games Store returns to work after a downtime occurred yesterday night after the end of the The End event. We do not know exactly how the two things are connected, but it is likely that the online infrastructure has not resisted the large number of connected users at the same time to see the end of Fortnite Season 10.