Google has announced via its official blog dedicated to the Workspace plan that the Google Drive application for Windows 10 will soon be replaced with a new unified software for all users of the ex-Google Suite.

The post published a few days ago is quite clear: in the coming months, the Mountain View company will unify the Drive File Stream projects, dedicated to businesses, and Backup & Sync, dedicated to individuals, in the single Drive for Desktop client . With this change, other new features will also arrive for both private users and companies, as you can see from the table at the bottom of the article: there will be better integration with Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook, but also services such as Google Meet and Photoshop. The only loss recorded would appear to be the selection of file types and folders to upload to Drive.

The company’s goal is to make the user experience easier : many users around the world now find themselves locked at home due to the lockdown and work and study without moving from home. Therefore, switching from the application for employees to that for the family, or in any case for the individual private person, could make the activities slightly cumbersome. 2021, therefore, will be the year in which Google will improve the experience with the new Drive for Desktop app.

Google must keep improving to keep itself survived in the small and mid-sized businesses considering competitors like Office 365 which are gaining more popularity. Learn more about G suite to Office 365 Migration and Microsoft SharePoint Data Migration.

Remaining in the Google world, the company worked on the Fit application to introduce the ability to measure heart rate and respiratory rate simply via the camera of your Android smartphone.


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