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Minecraft: How to Make a Saddle

In Minecraft, a saddle is an item that lets you ride horses, pigs, striders, and other animals that you can defeat. When you put a saddle on one of these animals, you can control how they move, which lets you get around the game world faster and sometimes even use their special skills.

A saddle is an item in Minecraft that can be used to ride horses, mules, and donkeys. Saddles can be found in chests in a few different structures in the game, such as:

  • DungeonsNether
  • FortressesDesert
  • TemplesJungle
  • TemplesBuried

Most items in Minecraft have a recipe attached. You can make almost all of the usable items on a dresser, melt them in the oven, or make them on a lab table. However, the saddle is one of the few things that can’t do that, and many players have no idea where to find it.

The saddle in Minecraft does precisely what you think it does and allows you to ride on the back of an animal. Without long-distance transportation items, the seat is a required piece of equipment.

saddle minecraft

What is a Saddle in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a saddle is an item that lets you ride horses, pigs, striders, and other animals that you can defeat. When you put a saddle on one of these animals, you can control how they move, which lets you get around the game world faster and sometimes even use their special skills.

Saddles are very important in Minecraft. Here are some important facts:

Uses: Saddles are mostly used to ride horses, pigs, striders, and other mobs that can be ridden. They give you control over these animals and let you move them in the way you want.

Crafting: I last updated my information in January 2022, and as of now, you can’t craft saddles in Minecraft. You have to look for them in different places, like dungeons, shrines, mineshafts, bastions, and loot in chests. You can also get them by fishing with a rod and reel. It’s possible that later updates to the game have changed what saddles and crafting recipes are available. To see if there have been any changes, it’s best to check the documentation for the most current version.

How long something lasts:? In Minecraft, saddles don’t last long. Once you have a seat, you can use it over and over again without it breaking or wearing out.

To get off of a loaded mob, just right-click (or do what your platform calls the same thing) it while looking at it. After this, the animal will no longer be able to control you.

There are three different ways to retrieve a method in Minecraft.

The easiest way to find a saddle is to look at the dungeons. You need a little luck to find them, but there are many cells around the world.

You can find an underground dungeon in any living area, so you’ll have to dig a little. You’ll know you’ve found one when you see a cage spawn a monster in the middle of a cobbled room. There are also a few boxes surrounding monster eggs.

You will probably find your saddle inside these boxes. However, not all dungeons have a saddle, forcing you to rely on luck.

Fish for one

Another lucky method doesn’t include many moving parts. You can choose to go fishing and throw your fishing line in a body of water, waiting for your popper to dive.

When you see the popper disappear, double-click online to see what has been captured. There’s a chance you might get a saddle by fishing, but there are plenty of other things you can loot in the process. You will have to be patient and keep trying.

Search boxes in a castle of votes

Any Nether Fortes fortress might have a saddle inside, just like the Dungeon way. You need to find a castle and log in through the Nether Portal. If you don’t already have one, you can make one.

It’s hard to miss these structures because they stick out like a sore thumb on the bottom. It must look like a Dutch house that is very big. After you find one, go inside and look for boxes. A chair is waiting for you inside a box if you’re lucky.

How to Make Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting a saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode. So, let’s saddle up and get started!

Step 1: Gather Materials

To craft a saddle, you’ll need to collect leather and iron ingots. Here’s how to obtain these materials:

  • Leather: Leather is dropped by cows, mooshrooms, and horses when they are killed. Use your sword or any other weapon to defeat them and collect the leather they drop.
  • Iron Ingots: Smelt iron ore in a furnace or find iron ingots in dungeons, temples, or mineshafts.

Step 2: Craft Leather

Next, you’ll need to convert your collected leather into leather scraps. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open your crafting table, which consists of a 3×3 grid. Place the leather you’ve collected in any of the slots.
  • Craft the leather into leather scraps by opening your crafting table and placing the leather in a 2×2 pattern.
  • You will receive four leather scraps for each piece of leather you use.

Step 3: Craft the Saddle

Now that you have your leather scraps and iron ingots, you’re ready to craft the saddle.

  • Open your crafting table.
  • Place the leather scraps and iron ingots in the following pattern:
    • Top Row: Leather Scrap, Leather Scrap, Leather Scrap
    • Middle Row: Leather Scrap, Iron Ingot, Leather Scrap
    • Bottom Row: Empty, Leather Scrap, Empty
  • Once the items are in the correct pattern, the saddle will appear as the crafted item.

Step 4: Retrieve Your Saddle

After you’ve successfully crafted your saddle, it will appear as a new item in your crafting table. Drag it into your inventory, and you’re ready to use it!

Step 5: Equip and Ride Your Animal

To use your saddle, find a suitable animal to ride. Approach the animal and right-click (or the equivalent action on your platform) to equip the saddle. Once equipped, you can mount the animal and control it to explore the vast world of Minecraft with ease.

How To Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft

Before you can put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft, you need to make sure you have a saddle. When you get close to the horse and right-click on it (or do something similar on your platform), the saddle will be put on the horse immediately. Once the saddle is on, you can ride and direct the horse, which lets you move through the game more quickly and easily. Get on your horse and go on a trip in the world of Minecraft!

Minecraft Video Tutorial: Make a Saddle Minecraft

A saddle is available in the following versions of Minecraft:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
 Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
 Pocket Edition (PE)Yes (0.15.0)
 Xbox 360Yes
 Xbox OneYes
 Wii UYes
 Nintendo SwitchYes
 Windows 10 EditionYes (0.15.0)
 Education EditionYes (1.0)

NOTE: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition (PE), and Windows 10 Edition are now all called Bedrock Edition. For version history, we will keep showing them one at a time. Listen to TheGameRoof to find out about new game content drops.