Hitman 2 New Halloween Content event looks terrifying

Hitman 2 New Halloween Content event looks terrifying

The Halloween event of Hitman 2, which begins on October 22. The progress is not exactly clear in what the event implies, but it is scary.

The trailer shows the opening mission of Hitman 2, set in an elegant house on a secluded beach. Instead of Agent 47, players take control of a figure with a Jack’s flashlight by a head, dressed completely in black. It seems that the goal of the player is to kill the man in the house and then … drag him to a ritual site.

There are all kinds of spooky Halloween images in the trailer, including dead trees, gravestones, summoning circles, crows, skeletons and a pit of bones. It’s really a very creepy trailer, so look at your own risk.

It is October, and that means it is time for Agent 47 to become creepy. Developer IO Interactive announced today that Hitman 2 will receive a series of free updates throughout the month. Most of the content is related in some way to the horrors of Halloween, including an awful climbing contract and an elusive serial killer. The murder simulator is also getting the modern sedative syringe as a new weapon.

Free updates like this is one of the ways IO Interactive keeps players engaged with Hitman 2. And the thematic content is also a popular strategy to attract new and obsolete players. Those fans can buy the $ 40 expansion pass or help others discover Hitman 2 through word of mouth enthusiasm.

Hitman 2 New Halloween Content  event looks terrifying
Hitman 2 New Halloween Content event looks terrifying

“Hitman tries to experience the anticipation of seeing if a plan will work when you first try it,” Edmond Tran said in the GameSpot review. “It’s about feeling the tension of quickly moving away from a bad situation, hoping to lose the suspicious guards. It’s the satisfaction of knowing the machinations of a level so well that when a target moves to a particular place at a given time , you have the perfect way to intervene Hitman 2 is a family experience, but in Hitman’s world, familiarity is an incredible force.

The roadmap ends with a new Elusive Target contract called The Serial Killer. Elusive objectives are limited time events in which players have an opportunity to successfully complete a mission. If you ruin it, the game closes the mission forever. The serial killer begins October 25, and is the first Elusive Target mission that takes place on the subtle map of Whittleton Creek.

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