How big will the map of London be in Watch Dogs the Legion?

How big will the map of London in Watch Dogs the Legion? It is explained by Ubisoft

The head of the Watch Dogs Legion author team, Kaitlin Tremblay, Ubisoft Toronto, returned to talk about the futuristic London of the next chapter of this free action series to tell us how big and varied the game map is.

To illustrate the dynamics of the game that we will experience when exploring the eight districts of the London sci-fi Legion, Tremblay believes it is right to emphasize how “it is difficult to compare this map with that of the previous chapters from the point of view of size. London, however, is really full of life, there are so many neighborhoods to visit that it seems to explore the regions are completely different”.

The efforts made by the developers of Ubisoft, according to the screenwriter of the project of Watch Dogs Legion, will ensure that users “will be able to experience the difference represented by the air you breathe travelling from Westminster to Camden, because the map is very much alive, great, real, and composed of the neighborhoods in which we infused all of our love. Vedreto this love to be reflected on the people and their character, because if the Westminster you are more likely to play the role of tourists or business men when you move to Camden, you’ll notice that touch alternative that animates the inhabitants of the place”.

However, in order to use the clothing of hackers from the Legion of Watch Dogs of London after Brexit, it is still necessary to wait several months depending on the recent postponement announced by Ubisoft for a no better specified period of 2020. The new Box Epic arena of DedSec members will involve Watch Dogs fans on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google’s Staff and, in the future, even for the next generation between PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.