How to Capture a Snapshot of Landorus in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go in the middle of the Legends season. One of the research requirements is to take a snapshot of Landorus. Here’s how to capture a photo of Landorus in Pokémon Go.

Players that are working on Pokemon GO Season of Legends Special Research can learn how to take a snapshot of Landorus in this guide.

While most of the missions featured in Pokémon GO’s Season of Legends Special Research are pretty straightforward, that’s not the case at all with all of them. For example, there is a mission focused on taking a snapshot of Landorus.

it has really caused some problems for players. For those fans who may need a little help completing the new Pokémon GO challenge, full details can be found below.

How to take A Snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go

To capture a photo of Landorus in Pokémon Go, you will first need to capture one. To capture it, you will have to participate in raid battles. Landorus is currently available until March 11, so you don’t have long before it wears off a bit.

Once you have captured Landorus, you will need to go to your Pokémon deck, click on Landorus and you will see the camera icon at the top left of the screen. This is where you will be able to take a snapshot of Landorus for your search requirements.

What is Searching for Legends?

Searching for Legends is the latest Pokémon GO event. It has many different wild Pokémon, including Aron, Baltoy, Roggenrola, and, for the first time, Shiny Nosepass. Additionally, Pokémon appearances in Eggs and Raids have also changed.

Step 1: Capture the Pokemon

In order to complete this mission, Trainers must first make sure they have all three required Pokémon. Currently through March 11 (8 a.m. local time), Tornados will participate in GO Battle League raids and bonuses. This provides a perfect opportunity to make sure you get this Pokémon.

Starting on March 11, Tornadus moves to Thundurus, once again providing the opportunity to obtain Pokémon for the mission.

The only one duped could be Landorus, as he has been out of raids for a while. Your best chance, if you don’t have one yet, is to switch to another coach.

Step 2: Take a Snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon GO.

This is the slightly more complicated step. To take a photo of Pokémon: Players will need to select them from the Pokémon section of the Pokémon Go game menu.

After selecting the Pokémon, players need to locate the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you will be taken to a camera screen where you need to scan a flat surface until you see these little petals floating around

how toTake a Snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon GO.

From there, all you need to do, is click the camera at the bottom and the task is complete. Repeat this with all three Pokemon at the right stage of the research and you have completed it!