How to check Xiaomi,Redmi phone is global International version ?

When we buy Xiaomi phones in online stores, we may be exposed to selling a non-global version of the Xiaomi smartphone. We are not talking about whether it is a global ROM version or a global version, but if they are really selling us a real international product and not a Chinese version with a modified custom ROM that pretends to be global .

And the increasing demand generated by Xiaomi smartphones in recent years has made some trusted sellers try to camouflage Chinese versions by grabbing the attention of potential buyers with really low prices.

That is why we will explain how to use the product verification tool provided by Xiaomi on its official website. A simple way that allows us to verify the origin of our mobile device according to IMEI or S / N, as well as verify that a particular accessory or device is authentic.

Check if our Xiaomi smartphone is an authentic global version

Step 1. head to Xiaomi official product authentication page.

Step 2.Enter the IMEI or S / N and verification code on the page. You can find your phone’s IMEI number on the label on the back of the phone or in the package box, or you can also enter “* # 06 #” on the keyboard to make a call.

Step 3.¬†Then click “Verify”¬†button on the page.

Step 4. Once connected, if your Xiaomi phone has an authentic global version, Xiaomi Web will display a consent message similar to the one we see in these lines below.

if the phone is not a global version Xiaomi officially, it will show you the information below.

If you bought a new Xiaomi phone in online stores, don’t forget to use the above methods to check if it is an official international version first.


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