How to choose a system for cooling the Gaming processor?

Processor cooling systems are one of the elements that may be extremely important for our computers’ long and efficient operation. Game models will require an appropriate cooler that will be able to dissipate large amounts of excessive heat.

Cooling: Water or air?

For several years, the ” competition ” in the segment of CPU coolers has changed significantly; traditional air-cooled models slowly cannot boast of such a large price difference compared to models using liquid. For this reason, it is worth considering seriously what we want to focus on and what we want to achieve simultaneously. Therefore, we will take a closer look at today’s market situation and what you should consider before making a purchase.

CPU cooling types

Air cooling

Classic models with a heat sink and a dedicated fan provide us with the opportunity for cheap, efficient and durable protection of our ” heart ” computer. Using copper, a special heat sink and a ” fan ” dissipates the heat upwards. There it is blown outside the casing. Direct contact enables a more effective transfer of the unnecessary effect based on soldering and the appropriate quality of the thermal paste. With its help, we can count on a smoother transition process without the risk of two metals heating up together.

Liquid cooling

The use of liquids some time ago was associated with the need to build an appropriate station from several different parts and the risk that we would do something wrong. We currently have an (All-in-One) sets, which uses a special pump and liquid to balance the heat. The new models offer from one to three fans on a full heat sink, thanks to which we can deal with the transfer of large amounts of heat within a constant flow.

Cooling with a water blockhead

One of the new products on the market is systems based on the entire head of the water block, which is mounted on a large space of the motherboard. This model offers a striking appearance, a fresh approach in terms of backlighting, and even uses an IPS display. These are by far the most expensive propositions, currently developed mainly in terms of appearance and performance in terms of size; it is impossible to obtain the results of the two solutions mentioned.

How to choose to cool the processor in the computer?

The first thing we should consider in terms of choices is the main goal we set for ourselves; then, we need to consider how many resources we want to allocate, whether the visual aspect is important to us and what space we have inside the housing. All of this will add up to the path we want to take. Price and durability are on the air side, efficiency and work culture are on the side, while the water block is a big basket for the boldest visual aspects.