How To Fix Server Multiplayer Network Lag In Valheim

Many Valheim players report extreme network lag when in multiplayer. Crash issues aside, lag is one of the main issues in this game at the moment.

If you encounter some extreme rubber bands and skipping during multiplayer and you can’t pin it down to a faulty single person connection or server machine, it is likely due to the game’s 60KB upload limit and the tendency of players to hit. the limit in complex multiplayer situations.

In this article, we’ll show you the solutions that you can try if the game keeps lagging on you when playing with your friends.

What is network lag in Valheim?

Ideally, you should only play online games like Valheim when network latency is low. Network latency, also known as lag, is the lag seen in games.

In Valheim, some players experience such severe lag that other players find the game completely unplayable as the actions performed appear after several seconds. For others, the game constantly freezes, crashes, or stops responding, requiring you to force quit or restart the Steam client.

Network lag has been known to occur in multiplayer situations since the Valheim Early Access version was available on Steam. For some, the cause of the problem is due to server-side latency / high latency or overcapacity, while others encounter the problem when using a dedicated server. Others have also reported “rubber bands,” which is a term used to describe jerky or jerky movements within the game.

If you are experiencing lag in Valheim, you’ll need to know the cause of your particular problem as not all cases have the same root cause.

Reason of network lag when playing Valheim

There are many factors to consider when trying to correct for network lag in games like Valheim. Below are some common and known causes of network lag or latency in this particular game.

Server issues.

If Valheim is underperforming when playing multiplayer, the cause of the problem may be server-side.

Hundreds of thousands of players are playing at the same time since the game officially launched on February 2, 2021, and it has quickly become one of the best games on Steam and a sudden

Server lag is the number one reason for most lag issues in Valheim.

Slow internet connection

Apart from the high ping issue, you may also experience network lag due to slow internet connection. In my experience, having a download and upload speed of less than 10 Mbps is not ideal for this game

Low bandwidth

If your network is constantly busy while Valheim is running, a situation that can occur if you have multiple devices connected to your network at the same time, then you may be facing a low bandwidth issue.

How to Fix Multiplayer Lag in Valheim

Download DNSPY

Download DNSPY ->

Extract the contents into its’ own folder somewhere on your pc.


File > Open:
Navigate to (Drive where your game is located):\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\valheim_Data\Managed\
Select assembly_valheim.dll
Click Open

  • In the left panel Titled ‘Assembly Explorer’, Find and select assembly_valheim.dll.
  • Select {}
  • Select ZDOMAN
  • Selects m_dataPerSec, Right-Click and select Edit Class…
  • in the line “private int m_dataPerSec = ” set it to at least 122880
  • Click Compile in the bottom right corner
  • Click File > Save Assembly

Start Your Server

If you’re hosting Valheim locally on your own computer, then all you have to do at this point is fire up your server and join a few people. If you’re still late, other things could be causing your problems and I’m sorry.

If you are connecting to a dedicated server, you must replace the Assembly_valheim.dll file that the dedicated server is using. Once you replace the file with the new value, start/restart the server to load the new file.

Check your performance in-game by hitting F2 and checking the data sent value. If this does not go past 60 then you did something wrong or the .dll was overwritten.