Our Fortnite Chapter 2 XP Farming Guide will share some helpful tips that will let you earn quick XP to move through the tiers of Battle Pass. Although Epic’s promotion is not a breeze, it is not necessarily the case. If you want to upgrade quickly, be sure to complete some tasks every day. We will explore the best ways to gain experience in order to reduce grinding.

Fortnite 2: New Skin leaked in Chapter 2
Fortnite 2: New Skin leaked in Chapter 2

No more battle stars

With the major changes in Chapter 2, Epic seems to decide to simplify things by removing the battle star. There used to be two systems, you can win battle stars, these stars can make your battle pass level rise, and you can win the season xp. They are now free from the battle star and only use experience. I like this change because it simplifies things, I just want them to reduce the number of xp needed to get the level in the future.


In the v11.01 patch, which was dropped on October 22, the developers boosted the XP which players get from their daily punch cards. 

Fortnite Update 11.11 Patch Notes 2.45 of 13th November

This is a brand new daily task system that encourages you to play games and complete certain tasks to fill out your Medal Punchcard for experience. If you are improving, then you will want to complete your punch card every day to gain a lot of experience. If you can win 10 medals a day, it will bring you 24,000 experiences.


What is a medal?

Some medals require you to complete a very basic task, and that’s it, and other medals can be upgraded by completing more goals in one match. You can get some medals multiple times, but you can only get one medal for the first time every day. These can be obtained from the Rumble team, so if you want to get a higher level of medals (both copper, silver and gold), then you might want to do it there.

  • Medal for the first game: You can get this medal every day by participating in the competition.
  • Scavenger Medal: Search for boxes, supplies or supply camels. You can upgrade it by searching for 3, 7, and 10 different values.
  • Combat Medal: You can win this honor by eliminating players. Eliminate 1, 4 and 8 opponents to upgrade them from bronze to gold.
  • Survivor Medal: Requirements for 50, 25 and 10 before the competition
  • Auxiliary Medals: Help teammates get eliminated.

Weekend power

You will need to pay attention to these power level weekends. I’m not sure if they will appear every weekend, but they can help you get an opportunity for xp to get the job.

Gain experience

There are a lot of ways to gain experience now, not only based on the survival of the knockout or the entire game.

Explore the map

Earn 2,000 XP for each landmark and named place you find. There are a lot of XPs in total, because there are many different landmarks on the map. Look at the vast majority of them, if you are nearby, would like to try each of them.


This is not much different from the previous season, but you need to make sure that all the challenges are met. These come in the form of weekly tasks, and you can earn 14,000 xp for each mission. You can complete 11 total goals per week, so by completing all, you can get 154,000 experience. To learn more about these issues, our entire article is dedicated to all the weekly challenges and provides a complete guide to help you get the job done.

In-game bonus

You will basically gain experience from all the operations in the game. Whether you hit a certain number of bullfighting at harvest or in the elimination, you may get XP from it. Here are some examples, it’s not a complete list because there are many different ways:

  • Search ammunition box: 65xp
  • Search treasure chest: 70xp
  • Use fishing point: 35xp
  • Headshot: 25xp
  • Eliminate opponents: 85xp
  • Defeat the opponent: 20xp
  • Assist in elimination: 70xp
  • Earn the Scavenger Medal (after the punch card is completed): 250xp
  • Survival Storm Circle: 50xp


Unfortunately, this is not a big skill, but make sure you play games often. However, you can be sure to focus on several different ways to get xp, as detailed below.

Playing the team rumble

So far, this will be the best way to get a lot of experience quickly. You will be able to perform a series of elimination and auxiliary operations that will stack a bunch of xp. However, the biggest benefit comes from the gaming experience you have survived. Every game you complete will be based on your survival time to gain survival experience. You get the same exact rate of experience compared to the regular Royal Runaway game, but in the Rumble team, you can guarantee survival to the end. This means you will get a lot of money in each round and all the extra combat experience.

Don’t Play in a Team

While double XP is active, you should try to concentrate on queuing only instead of on a team. As long as you only survive and get some eliminations, you should be able to grow large amounts of XP in a short time.

Finish your metal punch card every day

This doesn’t take a long time, and it may only take a few rounds of Rumble. You don’t want to miss this bonus every day.

Focus on Weekly Challenges

You should also concentrate on completing the weekly challenges at Fortnite. These challenges, like daily challenges, are quite easy to complete. Do not forget them.

Complete all challenges

Not surprisingly, but completing all the challenges will be one of the best ways to upgrade. After completing the one-week mission, you will get 154,000 xp, so be sure to do all of this at some point. Fortunately, they don’t expire like the urgent tasks in Season X.