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Fortnite: Battle Royales Chapter 2 is coming up and with it comes a whole new system to upgrade. This article describes how to increase the level of Fortnite fast. how to increase the level of Fortnite efficiently?

Fortnite XP: HOW TO LEVEL UP FAST to TIER 100! Tips, Tricks

How to get experience points ?

List of experience points by match

All modes

Survival time17-238
First kill50
kill20 per person
Bonus finished at +0025,100

50v50 mode only

Revive allies (first time)30
Revive allies (second and third)Ten

Survival time is determined by rank

The final ranking will affect the experience gained by survival time. There are many experience points that can be earned as it remains. Also, if the ranking goes into one digit, 238pt is fixed? Available at

Bonus finished at +00

If you finish in a certain order, you will get a “bonus that ended in +00”. If you enter the single digit range, you can get 100 with this bonus alone.

How to increase the level efficiently level up fast in Fortnite

1: Enter TOP10

A large amount of experience is available for the “survival time” of surviving for a long time. When you enter TOP10, you get 238 experience points, which is very efficient.

2: Absolutely 1 kill

The normal kill kill is 20, but only 50 for the first kill of the match.

3: Do your daily challenge

Experience points can be obtained by digesting daily challenges. If you clear it, you can definitely get it. You can check the contents of the challenge at L3.

* Daily challenge does not exist in season X.

4: Boost with Battle Pass!

It is also recommended to purchase a battle pass, a chargeable item. Purchasing a Battle Pass will give you an experience boost that is valid throughout the season, and will also give you experience that is double the normal.

Play with a bonus during the bonus period!

In rare cases, there is a bonus period that doubles the amount of experience earned. It is often held on weekends to commemorate updates. Although not always available, playing intensively during the bonus period will allow you to accumulate a large amount of experience.

Play with 50v50

In 50v50 mode, you can get XP up to 3 times when you revive your allies. It is recommended to earn XP because it is easy to get big black.

EXP Boosters level up fast in Fortnite

There are several different EXP enhancers in Fortnite that you can take advantage of to help you level up faster. These EXP enhancers come with Fortnite Battle Pass and increase as you unlock more and more Battle Pass levels. The best way to get all these EXP enhancers is to make your weekly challenges, since you can get a handful of stars every week for minimal effort. EXP enhancers are:

  • Personal EXP Boost (MAX: +100%)
  • Party EXP Boost (MAX: 40%)
  • Flat EXP Gain

The personal EXP boost is applied directly to you when you play games. For example, in a solo game, you would get 300 EXP for Victory Royale, but with the boost you’d get 600 EXP.