Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach MCC

How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach MCC & Maximize your XP

Halo Reach is finally available for PC as part of Halo MCC, and everyone is excited to dive and start searching for those wins. However, the game may not be as you remember on Xbox, so you can find yourself in strange terrain using the progress system. The game now has a global rank and battle progression system progression. In this guide, we will show you how to climb up and rank quickly in Halo Reach MCC.

How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach MCC

The routine will start to reach the maximum range from the first day, and you should know the best way to reach the top. This guide talks about the best game modes you should play to get the most credits while you have fun with the Halo Community.

Different game modes will definitely reward you more. Some we recommend are:

How to Maximize your XP per game and rank up faster Halo Reach on MCC

Today I want to show you the best way to maximize your XP per game and level up faster in Halo Reach on MCC.


The gameplay you might want to focus on outside Firefight is Grunt Apocalypse. Personally, this was one of my favorite game modes and I play a lot of fun with my friends.

With fun, you can get a fair amount of credits estimated at around 12,000 hours an hour.


What happens with Grifball is that it’s a little bit more on the cheesy side of farm credits.

In the past, I used to give you a lot of credits if you were not active in the game; regardless of your score, you would get a lot of credits as a bonus, totaling about 7,000 points per 20 minutes, which is very big compared to any other playing mode.

However, as opposed to credits, you will have no pleasure in doing so at all.

Walking dead

Dead Living is a very fun and great infection game mode.

Depending on how long the game lasts and how high your score is, the credits you earn will vary.

For one hour of intermediate games continuously, you will earn 12,000 credits per hour easily.

Play the game

There really isn’t a better way to get ahead than just immerse yourself in the depths of the game and enjoy everything that throws at you.

Try the campaign, try different game modes and enjoy the experience with the community on the go.

You will find yourself enjoying your time and progressing the game with the Halo Reach community.

Currently, there aren’t many ways to progress quickly; however, the seasonal progression system is suitable and allows you to play at your own pace, without worrying about running until the end of the seasonal range.

Completing Daily/Weekly Challenges

Completing daily and weekly challenges is another way of earning credits towards leveling up your rank in Halo Reach.


These are special goals that you can cultivate. These will give you credits at the end and allow you to level up much faster. If you are interested in obtaining some additional credits, you should consult the recommendations before doing anything. Some are for the campaign, while others are for online game modes.

However, the Firefight and Living Dead game modes are really fun and you might want to try it considering it’s good credit cultivation. After all, enjoy the game at your own speed and let the game take care of your progress.