iOS 13 – How to Manage Wlan & Bluetooth in the Control Center

On iOS 13, many new features have been introduced or existing functions have been added – some are not so well known. That’s why we’ll show you how to change the wifi network or your bluetooth connection from the control center.

Dark Mode is the most popular and biggest change on iOS 13. But the new iPhone operating system has much more to offer. Some innovations were small – but they are very useful. So also the revised control center. Do you want to change the wifi network or connect or disconnect a specific Bluetooth device, you have to go to the iOS settings, right?

No not more. Thanks to iOS 13, it is now possible to do exactly these steps from the control center – the way to iOS settings is thus eliminated. Note: But before we explain the steps to you, we would like to remind you of a little something. The control center will work on all devices with Face ID, ie iPhone X or newer as well as iPad Pro 2018 or newer, opened by simply pulling down with the finger from the upper right corner of the screen. On older devices, the control center is opened by a swipe from the bottom of the screen up – the whole can be done at any time from the home screen or an app.

So the wifi network is changed under iOS 13 from the control center

Some will ask themselves, did not they do that before? No – not to that extent. In previous versions of iOS, users could disconnect from the control center but not switch their Wifi and Bluetooth connections. Now open the control center with a wiper (as described above) and keep the Wifi symbol pressed. The next moment, a new menu should be opened. This includes Airplane Mode, Mobile Data, Wifi, Bluetooth, AirDrop and Personal Hotspot. A short click on the WiFi symbol temporarily deactivates the WiFi connection. However, if you want to change the wifi network, keep the wlan icon pressed. Now a new submenu with the title “WLAN” should appear. This is where all Wifi networks in your area are listed. If you want to connect your device to a well-known wifi network, just click on the respective name. However, if you would like to pair your iPhone or iPad with a new Wifi network, you will need to enter the password – this will automatically redirect you from the Control Center to the iOS settings.

So the Bluetooth connections are managed under iOS 13 from the control center

As mentioned above, iOS 13 users have more freedom in the control center – this also applies to Bluetooth. So the connection to a compatible device can be set up or disconnected directly from the control center – and it works that way. Open the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and hold down the Bluetooth icon. Now the intermediate menu appears – as described above. Hold down the Bluetooth icon again.

Now a new submenu should appear that lists all known Bluetooth devices. By a tip on the respective accessories, the connection is established – please note that the respective accessories are in the vicinity of your iPhone or iPad and must be turned on. All the above functions can be performed on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, if they have at least iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.