List of the best KissAnime alternatives sites

KissAnime – Top Alternatives Sites To Watch Anime Movies Free

KissAnime is a famous site and It is completely free! It is the king of anime websites with millions of users enjoying free online streaming Compared to other anime sites, KissAnime has the largest collection of Anime Movies. If you are looking for a website to watch anime movies, series or TV shows, then there is no better website than Kissanime. 

All Categories on KissAnime Website

KissAnime website is known for having a huge collection of cartoon shows, movies and TV series. Kissanime offers shows and series of all kinds, including Love, Care, Hate, Passion and more. Some of the famous KissAnime categories are:

Categories on KissAnime
War basedCartoons
HorrorMartial Arts

 Working Domains List of Kissanime website

There are many domains of the same name that are currently working Fine. Some of the active Kissanime domains are listed below:


How To Download Animes from KissAnime

How To Download Animes from KissAnime

Lots of people still don’t know how to download Kissanime Animes. Here is a complete guide on how to use KissAnime to download anime movies.

  1. Search for the series through search bar or categories
  2. Click on the title to be redirected to a page with a list of episodes Click on the episode you wish to watch
  3. You will be shown a player for streaming, but that is not the goal right now
  4. Scroll down and stop where you see ‘Mobile/Download (save link as…)’ with the pixel dimensions
  5. Right-click on the desired quality and select ‘save link as’ and choose a location to save the file
  6. If you have a download manager, then you have to right-click and select ‘copy link address and then paste it on the download manager.

Kissanime: Top kissanime alternatives similar websites for watching anime movies, TV series and shows for Free

Thus, for those who are looking for alternatives KissAnime, we have brought you a [2021 Update] List of the best KissAnime alternatives. There are many websites similar to Kissanime. Anime sites like Kissanime are similar and most sites are better than Kissanime. If you are looking for a website like Kissanime, you can choose anyone from the list of kissanime below.

Few of these anime streaming sites are better than KissAnime in terms of interface, video quality, and collection of anime series.

1. Anime Freak: URL:

Anime Freak is a popular website that has the largest HD offering database. Like KissAnime, it is also free! They have 10,000 anime so far and they keep adding new ones every day. Anime fans also stop by to check out new anime as they add them right after its release! There is nothing you won’t find in Anime Freak. Search videos by the latest release, alphabetical order, or by genre.

2. Chia-Anime: URL:

Next on our list is Chia-Anime. It is another great place to download anime and manga. The home page lists the latest anime episodes for you to explore. You don’t have to worry about subtitles as subtitles are displayed and you can find subtitled content too. It’s a bonus because most of the fans don’t understand Japanese. Consider the alternative game Kiss Anime as your next stop for all kinds of anime.

3. Anime-Planet URL:

In Anime-Planet you will find all new and old anime in HD. On the website’s homepage, you’ll see the anime categorized and divided into sections based on “popular anime this week”, “latest recommendation” and more. This catches up with you instantly with popular new releases. The only other aspect about this site, like all other free video sites, is that it shows ads and popups.

4. Crunchyroll URL:

Crunchyroll launched in 2006 and has since built up a huge user base. The great thing about this site is that it is a website for everyone, cartoon lovers or not. This is because it is not only limited to animation but also has many programs in various languages, not only in English and Japanese. The categories on this site are Anime, Drama, Manga, Music, Entertainment and more. They have officially licensed content worth around 15,000 hours! That’s what’s happening! Just a slight downside is that not all offers are free, and the premium version has to be purchased because the free version is somewhat limited.

5. GoGoAnime URL:

When making a list of the best KissAnime alternatives, you shouldn’t miss out on GoGoAnime. The site offers all kinds of anime, from the oldest and weirdest to the newest and newest. In addition to the usual, this website has a new season tab that also shows you the newly released animations so you don’t miss them. If you are a fan of cartoons, please click on this site. Even if you don’t have anything specific on your mind to see, you will definitely find something worthwhile on GoGoAnime.

6. 9Anime URL:

An excellent, reliable and trustworthy alternative to KissAnime is 9Anime. It has over 26,000 anime shows and movies that are constantly being added. It also allows you to order animations that you like but are not on the website, such as KissAnime. Another great feature is that it allows you to stream in HD and gives you the option to enjoy English dubbing. This should be the first choice for anime fans who want to watch it in English.

7. Animelab URL:

Animelab is the best site that shows HD tracks straight from Japan. It has a series added every week and thousands of show episodes for you to watch even when you’re not. Contains all popular anime and its genres. Each category is divided into a sub-category that offers many options. It does not require registration, which makes it more suitable for anime lovers.

8. Anilinkz URL:

Anilinkz is one of the best alternatives due to constant updating. They have many episodes and can be found by categories. Newly added series, continuous and complete list available on site. It is completely free and therefore one of the most visited anime sites.

9. Masterani URL:

Masterani is one of the best websites for anime streaming. It is very easy to use, especially since it does not require the user to register. You just need an updated flash player on your device and it will be neat. The home page contains the latest downloads and the rest can be searched in the search tab. They also have a schedule section at the top of the list for all the animation shows to load.

10. Horriblesubs URL:

Horriblesubs is relatively new to the market, but it still deserves a mention on this list. HD anime streaming is allowed, but not limited to that. The download is also allowed. The site has a lot of movies and attractive content in its database.

Kissanime Mirror or Proxy Websites:




9 anime .to


By the way, if you are looking for a funny website, you can always visit Agario to play with friends.

What the community says about KissAnime

People have a lot to say about this website. Some love it, Here is what some of the users have to say:

Stephen Bailey

“My saving grace when it comes to streaming anime with English dubbed episodes. I find the site’s search bar very useful as you can filter it through a category from genre, year, type and quality. Isn’t that amazing!? Plus points out that i can also leave my ratings on the anime I am watching eh.”

Natalia Hillz

“Too many ads, can’t even watch anything without an ad taking me to another site”

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George Carlson

“This website provided all the content in English for my favorite anime shows.”

Harry Long

“This site has a lot of great anime videos, and I’ve enjoyed using it! It does take a while to load the home page, and only works in certain browsers. Still, it’s a good choice if you want to stream dubbed anime.”

Frequently Asked Questions About KissAnime (FAQ)

Why is kissanime down?

The Kissanime website is experiencing some kind of server hang issues and some other technical errors. Also, the site is blocked by your ISP in some areas, so you cannot access it.

necessary to create an account on Kissanime to download contents?

No, there is no need to create a prime account to access the Kissanime website.

Is Kissanime Website is safe? if Kissanime having a virus?

According to many comments, there is no virus associated with its webpage and Kissanime is the safest choice for downloading anime and TV series.

The official KissAnime website doesn’t have any kind of Virus.

Final words for KissAnime

This list of KissAnime alternatives for anime lovers offers some of the best content available online. You should not deprive yourself of your favorite entertainment source if KissAnime is discontinued again as you can now access one of the best sites as alternatives to KissAnime.

All the websites show thousands of videos, movies and shows. All are mostly free, but some of the best are premium that you have to pay for as they then offer more features and are ad-free (which is the icing on the cake!)

Some of the sites on the list are licensed and some are not. Information technology is your business as to which to choose. We just hope you find this list of KissAnime alternatives useful and serve your purpose well! Happy watching anime!

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