MacBook Pro 16-inch Models will arrive this week

MacBook Pro 16 “- New keyboard is much quieter

Apple has recently introduced a new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display diagonal. The special feature of the device is the new keyboard.  

With the new MacBook Pro 16 “Apple has returned to a well-tried keyboard technology – namely the scissor keyboard. This is based on the popular Magic Keyboard, which is used among others in the iMac. The new keyboard should not only be quieter but also much more reliable. In recent years, Apple’s notebooks have been equipped with the so-called butterfly keyboard. However, it caused a lot of trouble because she was constantly plagued by failures. This should be over now. The first tests were positive, but an end result can only be determined after a few months. But what about the typing noise? In a recent Wall Street Journal test, it’s clear that the new keyboard in the MacBook Pro 16 “is much quieter. Apple advertises this as follows:

The 16-inch MacBook Pro features a keyboard that provides a comfortable, satisfying and quiet typing experience that focuses on human factors and key design through extensive research and user studies.


The WSJ has tested six more devices besides the MacBook Pro 16 “. Apple’s new professional notebook was able to take second place – only just past number one. While the Pixelbook Go landed at 30.1 decibels, the new MacBook Pro 16 “took second place with 30.3 decibels. Here are the exact test results:

  • Pixelbook Go – 30.1 decibels
  • MacBook Pro 16 “- 30.3 decibels
  • MacBook Pro 2015 – 31.2 decibels
  • Dell XPS 13 – 32.3 decibels
  • Surface Laptop 3 – 33.8 decibels
  • MacBook Air (Butterfly Keyboard) – 41.9 decibels
  • Typewriter – 60.2 decibels

The typewriter is in last place in this test series – but this should come as no surprise. But from these results, it is clear that Apple has not exaggerated. The new keyboard has become really quieter.