Microsoft Flight Simulator New Update Patch

Asobo has rolled out a new update version to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new patch, already available for download, introduces some performance optimizations while flying near large airports, such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW).

A further optimization has also been introduced in the requests to the servers when navigating the menus and during the flight. “While these fixes may not address all performance issues, we believe this patch will help many of you get back into the air by encouraging you to provide feedback as we continue to improve simulation performance in upcoming updates,” said Asobo Studio.

Meanwhile, the team continues to work on support for DirectX 12, whose integration should lighten the load on the CPU and further improve the performance of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which we remember being included in Xbox Game Pass and destined to arrive also on Xbox Series X | S over the next estate.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Notes


  • Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW)
  • Performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight

Reminder: Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.


  • The Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle is being updated with new navdata.