Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator has released its update, which latest update implements the new AIRAC cycle 2105 and FAA data for its navdata solution. Moreover, it fixes a crash and here is the official list of changes and additions made with this patch. 

This patch doesn’t have much going on in the major game changes department, but it does one certain thing right when it comes to reducing download size. In fact, the download has been reduced from 170+ GB to 83 GB, which should mean a massive improvement in your hard drive space. However, if you’re curious about the rest of the changes,

Here is the full list of patch notes for Microsoft Flight Simulator Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Patch Notes

Release Notes

  • Some packages in your Community folder may not have been updated and therefore may have unexpected effects on the title’s performance and behavior.
  • Please move your community package (s) to a different folder before restarting the title if you suffer from stability problems or long loading times.
  • We made some optimizations for the first full download of the title so that the base game only has 83 GB instead of +170 GB.


  • Newr AIRAC cycle 2105 has been implemented
  • FAA data has been implemented in our Navdata solution
  • Departure gates are now saved in flight plan files (.PLN)
  • Fixed a crash and other issues with choosing a parking space as an arrival and not a set departure
  • Fixed some Live Air Traffic aircraft with the wrong model
  • Fixed an issue where some of the live air traffic planes had broken call signs
  • Density of live air traffic increased
  • Aircraft that are not on the ground but are at zero altitude are now at a standard altitude of 5000 m. displayed
  • Live traffic stability has been improved
  • ATC phrasing improvements over FAA standards (text only)


  • Reduced weather data bandwidth
  • Improved precision of the live snowpack
  • The Visual Effects Only option now properly disables other weather effects
  • “Visual Icing” was renamed “Icing” in Devmode, as it affects the entire icing system
  • “Icing” in DevMode only changes visual effects if “Visual Effect Only” is activated
  • The constant disintegration of ice is no longer ignored outside of freezing conditions
  • Accelerated pitot icing model while thawing slows down
  • Fixed the pitot icing not scaling with the number of instruments
  • Fixed overspeed governor vibrations that were not affected by pitot icing
  • Reduce the structural icing rate in the case of heavy icing by a factor of 15 (6 in the case of moderate icing).


All planes

  • Added height intercept for PITCH HOLD mode
  • Increased native induced drag and improved precision of the induced drag
  • The autopilot no longer flies towards a waypoint that has been removed from the FlightPlan
  • SimConnect Injected Traffic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now show up in HTML / JS instruments with traffic indicators as well as on the VFR map
  • Fixed the Simvar acceleration ignoring the effects and returning incorrect values ​​on the ground
  • Write back correction of corrected acceleration values ​​after impact resolutions so that they are accurate when pulling as Simvar
  • Flap, stall, wing and fuselage updates of the flight model
  • More cleaning of the flap system. Supports multiple systems with different number of planes and maximum angles
  • The threshold was increased to avoid a trim fight against the elevator to 50% (corresponds to the separation threshold).
  • The elevator AP with trim has been changed to avoid fighting against user input when the user input in the elevator is> 50%
  • Allow to set the empty CG position out of bounds
  • Fixed more audio not playing on large planes
  • Fixed Autothrottle sometimes being disabled by AI


  • Improved tools for adjusting propeller drag at constant speed and turbo propellers
  • Removed fake and completely bogus ITT simulation when the prop is feathered or vice versa
  • Fixed reverse thrust issue on propeller (no negative beta and induced wind support)
  • Added prop lever debugging on the debug page for engines
  • Fixed torque increasing with altitude due to N1 / N1 confusion corrected in FSX turboprop code
  • Fixed a crash bug when scrolling from Hence TBM 9300 Flight Plan pag
  • Torque fine adjustment per POH for the TBM 930
  • Updated stability and inertia for the Hence TBM 930
  • The maximum torque of the sea level on the TBM 930 has been adjusted
  • Fine tuning of the turbine: ITT, torque, power and fuel flow for the TBM 930
  • Flight model update for handling on the TBM 930
  • Updated setting of maximum torque and torque limiter at ground level. 100% max with inertial separator; A maximum of 112%, limited to 109% without an inertial separator for the TBM 930
  • Reduced effect of the inertia separator from 25% TQ to 12% TQ for the TBM 930
  • Optimized stability and inertia of the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Optimized idle speed from 1030 to 1060 rpm for the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • The maximum torque of the sea level has been adjusted on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Tuned Beechcraft King Air 350i turboprop engine: ITT, torque, fuel flow and other minor changes
  • Added ITT debugging to engine debug and density on fuel flow table for turboprop engines on Beechcraft King Air 350i. added
  • Fine-tuned fuel consumption per POH for IDLE, 12000ft Cruise and 18000ft Cruise on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Fixed ITT, Throttle to Torque Ratio and Garmin ribbons for ITT and TRQ on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Pass on stability and inertia on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Finely tuned fuel flow per altitude and adjusted maximum torque of the sea level in the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • Turbine torque finely tuned via POH on the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • User interfaces and improvements in the handling of the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX
  • The propeller lever of the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX can now be brought into the spring area


  • The weather radar now shows precipitation instead of cloud cover
  • Fixed contrail behavior on player’s aircraft in windy conditions
  • Contrails are now displayed for applicable AI airliners
  • Reduced rudder authority based on the Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Cessna 152 pass on stability and inertia
  • Update on the handling of the flight model for the Cessna 152
  • Fixed the rear wheels of the Cessna 152 not touching the ground
  • Pass on engine power and propeller resistance. Fine-tuned top speed, cruising speed, climb speed, planing speed and other minor tweaks to the Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • Flight model tuning of Cessna 172 Skyhawk (handling, induced yaw, roll and stall)
  • Fixed water on windows and tail paint on LOD5 for the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
  • EICAS now displays “CLB” instead of “CL” when the thrust levers in the A320 are set to CL
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the co-pilot from auto-completing the Secure Aircraft page on the Diamond DA40 TDI T
  • Improved matching of propeller resistance and engine resistance for the Diamond DA62
  • Update on the handling of model aircraft on the Diamond DA62. Engine effect made more important by adjusting the rudder surfaces
  • With the EXTRA 330LT. the rudder stability was increased slightly and the engine stalling in the air at low speeds was fixed
  • With the EXTRA 330LT. a notch more dihedral was added to slightly increase the induced roll
  • Fuel pressure gauges will now show the correct pressure on the EXTRA 330LT
  • Fine tuning of the 103Solo engine and implementation of the engine clutch below 2100 rpm
  • Fixed an issue where the FS paint job on the Cessna Citation Longitude disappeared too early on LOD6
  • The animation of the Pipistrel Virus SW121 flaps was corrected, which could not be played correctly with negative flap values
  • G3000: The zoom level of the map is now kept constant between the regular map and the weather map
  • G1000: Air spaces are redrawn when the map orientation is changed
  • G3000: PFD display error fixed when a DirectTo is requested
  • Fixed the spawning of planes with glass faucet pits being randomly turned off
  • Fixed an issue with FlightPlan showing passed waypoints when canceling a DirectTo
  • Fixed the FlightPlan guidance not reactivating properly when DirectTo was aborted or reached – Fixed
  • Fixed G3000 and G3X MFD TopBar True Bearing instead of Magnetic – Fixed
  • Fixed the overspeed strip on the airspeed band being too low
  • Fixed a bug where the flight plan was not displayed correctly if the flight was started directly on the approach
  • Fixed: VFRMap does not update the approach according to FlightPlan updating
  • Tactile glass cockpits Scroll bars are larger and easier to use
  • Fixed the FlightPlan guidance not reactivating properly when DirectTo was aborted or reached – Fixed


  • Fixed position for resetting the peripheral input position when the user exits the pause menu
  • Fixed the unresponsive specific axis on the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle
  • Fixed standard assignment for the CH Eclipse Yoke
  • Fixed standard assignment for the CH Fighter Stick
  • Corrected standard mapping for the CH Flight Sim Yoke
  • Corrected standard mapping for the CH Fighter Stick Pro
  • Fixed standard assignment for the CH Pro pedals
  • Fixed standard assignment for the CH Pro Throttle
  • Fixed standard assignment for the CH throttle quadrant

user interface

  • Community folder addons are now shown as installed in the content manager

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update: SDK / Devmode


  • The Coherent GT debugger is now included in the SDK
  • Speed ​​limits and RF center resolution information are now available through the JS facility listener in the airport facilities procedural data
  • LOAD_ * calls to the JS facility listener now return bool to indicate whether an ICAO can be loaded or not
  • Facilities.getMagVar was added when the JS Facility Listener is loaded, which can be used to get the Mag variable for a specific LatLongAlt
  • The maximum number of JS BingMap views has been increased from 5 to 9
  • The ability to trap and mask key events has been added to the JS key event listener
  • Prevent the game from crashing if too many virtual netbing cards are created
  • The installation of 3DS Max tools has been fixed
  • The font displayed in the release note window has been corrected


  • Creation of an Xbox X | S page in the documentation that gathers the latest information and best practices about porting content to Xbox.
  • Visual Effects documentation was added along with an example. A video tutorial will be added shortly.
  • Important updates have been made to the “Project Editor” section:
  • Updated main page with more information
  • Newr section for Project Asset Types (WIP)
  • Newr Section for the various Project Editor menus: Project, Edit, View
  • Updated marketplace data page
  • Updated page of the export window
  • The content configuration now has a section for flights and missions:
  • Initial documentation for flight plan definitions
  • Initial documentation for flight definitions
  • First documentation for event trigger definitions
  • First documentation for weather definitions
  • A page has been added that documents the new SimObject Stats window.
  • A page with examples to illustrate model optimization has been added specifically for the Xbox, although the examples shown are relevant to anyone creating add-ons.
  • A page for merging sub-models has been added in the 3D Models section.
  • The airport tutorial has been updated to show the airport wizard to create or replace an airport
  • The Airplane Texture Mapping page now has a section describing how to set up Ice
  • The page in the Package Tool XML Definitions has been updated with more information.
  • DA62 sample page added to the Examples and Tutorials section
  • New settings of engine.cfg and flight_model.cfg documented

Project editor

  • The “+” button of the package inspector has been renamed to “Add asset group”.
  • Fixed a crash in the Marketplace Data Editor when loading an empty thumbnail
  • Fixed an issue where the Simvar index was lost when loading a file
  • Disabled a false positive error message box that randomly appeared when creating airplane packages

Scene editor

  • Fixed a crash when editing the runway terraforming profile
  • Fixed an issue where the ” ‘character in the text input was filtered for the content of the taxiway sign.
  • Fixed the Add Custom Asset Group window that would not close when creating a new asset group without templates
  • Fixed a crash when editing runway terraforming

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