Microsoft partnership between Xbox and the Football Association

Microsoftannounced an unprecedented partnership between the marksXboxandthe Football Association, theFootball Association (FA). In practice, the Xbox brand will become the official Games partner of the England National Teams, betweenLionesses,eLionsand theThree Lions, as well asWembleyStadium and StGeorge’s Park.

The partnership is a celebration of the guiding principle of in-game inclusion shared by Xbox and the FA. Xbox has long advocated the importance of games being inclusive, accessible and safe for all, while the FA has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all football players in England have a great experience, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, faith or age. This shared vision of welcoming all players is expressed in the recently announced partnership message:When everyone plays, we all win.

Marcos Waltenberg, Director of Xbox Global Partnerships, made the following statement:

On Xbox, we strive to remove barriers and empower people to experience the joy of gaming: millions of people around the world find common ground and connect through games, just as they do with football. a tremendous organization that has the same drive and ambition to empower people that we have on Xbox. Through our partnership, we aim to add more value to England’s football teams and feed the dreams of players and fans everywhere.

More details about upcoming activities and how fans can get involved with the journey will be announced shortly.