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MLB The Show 20 Patch Notes 1.08 update for PS4, Xbox One

The developers of MLB 20 have released hotfix Update 1.08 Patch Notes today. You can check the MLB The Show 20 complete patch details below.

MLB 20 The Show Update 1.08 is now available for download. It’s just a little hotfix update to the game.

MLB The Show 20 Patch Notes
MLB The Show 20 Patch Notes

MLB The Show 20 Patch Notes 1.08 update


  • Fixed an issue that would cause outfielders to miss catches when a user reached the catch region at the last possible moment.
  • Fixed an issue causing homeruns to get sucked into an outfielders glove resulting in an out.
  • Fixed an Online Head-to-Head issue where a user could get trapped in their pause menu until their pause timer ran out, resulting in a forfeit.
  • Fixed an issue where an early steal of home would not count as a run on specific deep fly balls.


  • Removed the “Baserunning Decisions” option from the in-game menu in Online Head-to-Head games, as all Online Head-to-Head games are manual by default.


  • Users who lose connection in the Showdown front-end menu will no longer automatically fail the moment or showdown.
  • Fixed various minor issues with Play-by-Play commentary.
  • Various crash fixes.


MLB The Show is one of the most immeasurable games currently available on the market. MLB The Show 20 was released on March 17, 2020, and was produced by SIE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.