NBA Draft 2020 could be pushed back to August or September due to COVID-19 outbreak

As NBA continues to try to save its season and learn the schedule for the upcoming event amid a corona virus outbreak, a possible new time frame for the NBA 2020 draft has emerged. The draft, which was scheduled for June 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, can be entered into August or September, according to By Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN.

Voinarovski said on Sunday on SportsCenter: “In any scenario where the draft occurs, it is very likely that you will end up in the playoffs, and you will have time to have the draft and the free agency.” “So it is possible that if the season resumes at some point and the league plays in July and August and possibly until September, then you probably do not have a draft and free agency until the finals are over.”

According to Lugnarovsky, the draft date may remain unchanged and still occur on June 25, although the only way that will happen is if the current campaign is ultimately cancelled. At this point, the league hopes to be able to finish the season. Logistically, the draft must occur after PostSeason is complete so teams can participate in potential draft-day deals.

“It looks like you are talking to people about the league,” Wujnarovsky said. “The only scenario you will have on June 25 is if you have already decided not to play more of the NBA season.” “They hope and believe that this will not be the case because it will be almost impossible to get a draft during the playoffs. As long as there are still teams playing, you won’t be able to do the deals. It’s hard to have a draft overnight without the teams feeling that they can You trade more than the withdrawal options. In most deals, there are players involved. “

The NBA season has been suspended indefinitely since March 11 when Utah Jazz Center Rudi Joubert was positive for COVID-19, followed by a large number of other NBA players and characters from across the league, including New York owner Nix James Dolan. Despite the current high level of uncertainty surrounding the season, Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, is optimistic that it can still be saved somewhat.

“I am optimistic in nature, and I want to believe that we will be able to save at least part of the season,” Silver said earlier in March. “Once again, I would like to say that we have done new and innovative things in the past. We tried All-Star game this year with a unique end, we talked about the playing tournaments to participate in the playoffs, there may be other things we can do in coordination. I know I’ve heard from a lot. From our players, they will feel crazy, they want to play, and they want to compete. We will try every possible way to play basketball again, but the safety and health of the players and the fans are first. “

In April, WNBA held a virtual draft without the presence of players, guests and members of the media. This is another option for the NBA to consider moving forward. While the return to basketball-related activities this season will be fascinating, it is clearly secondary to the health and safety of teams, players and fans. Sure, the NBA will explore all possible avenues, but the situation is changing, and something the League cannot control. Like everyone else, they have to hope that the coronavirus will be suppressed in time. We’ll learn more about the League’s rest-season, project and free agency plan for the coming weeks.