DEATH STRANDING Briefing Trailer

New Death Stranding Trailer Highlights Sams Struggle

PlayStation Japan published a new Japanese trailer for Death Stranding called “Connect.” The new trailer gives the game a new look from a slightly different perspective.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4. In the last trailer, the main character Sam Porter Bridges is shown dealing with the responsibilities of his work and the various tests he must face in the game. In addition to what Sam experiences as a dealer, combat, basic system, and online gameplay are shown. However, the advance itself does not provide any new footage: it takes previous footage and combines it in a more linear way.

Death Stranding will launch for PlayStation 4 on November 8. In addition to physical and digital releases, it will also be included with a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro console.

The limited-edition package will include a dynamic theme, character avatar games, in-game links, and a creative video titled Death Stranding: Timefall that focuses on the music of the game and will be available by download.