NHL 20 Patch Notes 1.30

NHL 20 New Update Version 1.30 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One)

NHL 20 is an ice hockey simulation video game developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports. It was released globally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 13, 2019.

Electronic Arts released a new update to NHL 20. NHL 20 Update 1.30 is now ready for download for PS4 and Xbox One. This update fixes a few bugs and makes changes. It also adds a new mode with HUT called HUT Rivals. Here are the full patch notes for this update. 

NHL 20 Patch Notes 1.30


– ECHL Regular season overtime rules increases to 7 minutes instead of 5 minutes
– Fixed a case where the penalized team was being allowed to possess the puck when an injury occurs

– Fixed a case where AI would over pursue loose pucks on rush chances against

– Various animation improvements
– Improvements to covers for pucks underneath the goaltender
– Further improvements to goalie tracking when the puck is behind the net

– Fixed a case where the goalie could skate through the net

– Fixed some cases where players would take a path that would put them offside when trying to one-time the puck
– Improved selection for on knee one timers
– Further shot angle improvements for accurate release trajectories


– Added Penalty Box and bench camera options for Be a Pro and EASHL modes
– Added new player intro animations
– Added more variation in cameras during stoppages of play in outdoor environments
– Various environment camera clipping fixes
– Player lineup animation and camera improvements

Franchise Mode

– Tuned the frequency a coach will decline a contract offer due to market size and team status.
– Added the ability for RFA’s to not receive a contract at the start of new Franchise mode. These players will remain RFA until signed in the mode by either a CPU or User team.
– Misc stability improvements.


HUT Rivals
– HUT Rivals is a new HUT Online game mode which allows you to compete against other HUT players, earn rewards, and qualify for HUT Champions
– Start out by playing 5 placement games to determine your starting Skill Rating and Division
– Play games in your Division’s Weekly Competition to earn Rivals Points, rank up, and earn better weekly rewards
– Earn HUT Champions Points as you play Rivals games to progress towards earning an entry to HUT Champions
– Every week a new Rivals Season begins. Rivals Points are reset to 0 when a new season begins.
– You’ll also earn Rivals Points while playing HUT Champions games to help rank up and earn Rivals rewards

– The following changes have been made within HUT to accommodate the addition of HUT Rivals:

– The ‘Online’ tab in the HUT Hub has been re-organized
– HUT Champions qualification now takes place by earning enough HUT Champions points by playing Rivals games

– There will no longer be HUT Champions Qualifiers through Competitive Seasons each week.
– Winning Div 1 in Online Seasons will no longer grant HUT Champions access.

– Fixed an issue where the player bio sometimes showed incorrect Win/Loss stats for Goalies

Squad Battles
– Added a warning popup when attempting to play a game with less than 30 minutes remaining in the Season.
– Fixed an issue where the ‘Unranked’ rank is sometimes displayed as ‘Rank 1’ on the My Rank tab.

EA Sports NHL 20 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest EA Sports NHL 20 patch notes, and content drop news for the game.