Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack is coming with several juicy characters

On November 6, Omni-Man will be added to Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 will get Omni-Man as DLC on November 6, 2023. The Xbox Store lists this event. Keep in mind that this date only applies to people who bought the Kombat Pack and are waiting for early entry. For everyone else, the game will come out the following week, on November 13th. Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios have not confirmed the information yet, but the leak may mean that it will soon be in the latest game.

Another important thing is that it will come out the same week that the second season of Invincible starts on Amazon Prime Video. That is, we will get along great with his characters, which will help make the intimidating figure more common in both video games and animated shows. In other news, this week will be great for anyone who likes the series.

Omni-Man is one of the DLCs that will be added to Mortal Kombat 1. Other DLCs include Homelander (The Boys), Peacemaker (DC Comics), and the three fighters who return to the story: Quan-Chi, Ermac, and Takeda Takahashi. Only the viltromite’s date was shown on the Xbox Store. The others still don’t have a date for landing in the bloody battle.


Following what was shown in earlier clips, Omni-Man will have some skills that are also seen in the cartoon. Since he is a good “clone” of Superman, he can float and use his super strength. His special moves and fatalities are also very similar to what the character did in the cartoon, like jumping into the subway line to hit everyone with your opponent and punching your opponent while they are on the ground.

The character will also have JK Simmons speak it, just like in the animated version. However, it has not been confirmed whether he will also be a part of the game world or not. In Brazil, Tatá Guarnieri does his voice. There is only one character the professional has voiced so far: Iron Mike Wilcox from Days Gone (2019).