PUBG Mobile: What’s New in Latest Update 0.15.0?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by Tencent Games is currently in season 9 of Royale Pass. The 0.15.0 patch update will be the first after the release of Season 9 of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass.

The official PUBG Mobile Twitter had recently published a survey for players to choose what they want to know about updates. As the survey suggests, the update will have new weapons, features, and a new game mode the payload mode in the store.

Royale Pass 9: Details

The exclusive Royale Pass sets and skins that we will get for the 9th season of PUBG Mobile are The Observer Set, Infected Grizzly M249, The Observer Cover, and Infected Grizzly Dacia, Draconian Champion set and weapons. There may be new avatar frames in the next update. We will also get parachutes, bags, helmets and other masks.

New Weapons in the PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0

Desert Eagle 

Desert Eagle, a new weapon will be launched as part of the PUBG 0.15.0 patch update. PUBG Mobile labeled it to be the most powerful semi-automatic pistol. Desert Eagle or Deagle will be a gun that fires 0.45 ACP rounds. It can support attachments, including Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, and variants of Magazines and Grips. The new Desert Eagle gun will be found on all maps.

The most powerful semi-auto handgun in the world is coming to PUBG MOBILE in Update 0.15.0! Affectionately known as the Deagle, there’s no better pistol for dropping your quarry.


MP5K will be a Submachine GUN that will fire 9mm ammo. It is expected to have a good shooting speed and a moderate range. MP5K can host several attachments, including the muzzle and the various magazines, handles, stocks and places of interest. The weapon is in the beta version, but it has not yet been officially announced that it is part of the 0.15.0 update of PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update New Payload Mode, RPG, Helicopters & Lot More

Latest Features in the 0.15.0 PUBG Mobile Update ?

First-Person Perspective

It is likely that patch update 0.15.0 also brings a first-person perspective option to training mode. This new feature has already ventured into the beta version and is very likely to be published as PUBG Corporation releases the new update.

Create Animation

The beta version of PUBG Mobile now has an animated clip that plays when a box is opened. The video shows a player firing a flare gun and a burning box thrown by the plane as the camera approaches. Once the fall reaches the ground, the interface shows what a player got. This, again, was not officially announced as part of update 0.15.0, however, it has a good chance of being the new feature mentioned by Tencent Games in its previous tweet.

A new element in the update 0.15.0 PUBG Mobile

The fuel cans gas in the beta version of PUBG Mobile now explodes when they open fire on them. This means that they could also be used as explosives when players run out of fragmentary grenades or Molotov cocktails, except that they still cannot be thrown, but can simply be placed. This change is also likely to occur with update 0.15.0.

Payload Mode

The mode called Payload Mode is also coming along with the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update. Players could almost be sure of this, since the PUBG Mobile Twitter survey, as seen above, had one of the options such as Payload Mode. The new game mode brings several new weapons, including RPG 7, M3EI-A, grenade launchers, aerial beacons, BRDM vehicles, comeback towers, and helicopters.

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