Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 865 chipset

Qualcomm releases next-generation Xiaolong 865 CPU next month

On November 12th, Qualcomm officially announced that the 4th Xiaolong Technology Summit will be held in Hawaii from December 3rd to 5th. Netizens have commented that Xiaolong 865 is coming.

Based on the information already disclosed, the Opteron 865 is based on the Samsung 7nm EUV process and is expected to be based on the ARM Cortex A77 architecture. The GPU may be the Adreno 650.

It is reported that the Dragon 865 will continue the 1+3+4 combination scheme, consisting of a super large core + 3 large cores + 4 small cores (Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 is a 1+3+4 combination scheme), GeekBench Running more than 130,000 points, the veritable Android camp’s strongest chip.

In addition, the Opteron 865 is expected to support 100 million pixels, support LPDDR5 memory, and does not rule out the possibility of integrating 5G baseband.

It is reported that Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 may be divided into 4G and 5G versions, because 5G has not been applied in some markets.

Finally, everyone is concerned about the first issue, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, realme, Lenovo, Sony, LG and other brands are expected to launch the Xiaolong 865 model, the starting is expected Among the above brands.